Friday, August 3, 2012

The Help

Molly has really grown and is just as big as Sara (the Border Collie) now.

She doesn't have the herding skills that Sara has but she is very determined to bother anyone or anything that is moving out in the yard area.  Today a guinea keet somehow found itself free of the brooder and before I could stop her Molly had it pinned down between her paws.  I thought the keet was a goner for sure, but neither Molly nor I expected one of the adult guinea males to respond to the keets warning cries.  I watched in awe as the male actually flew over to the rescue and then pecked and chased Molly away to the deck!

Sara could only look on in shame, "What will all the other dogs think?"

It didn't phase Molly at all because shortly thereafter she was out in the yard hounding after the adult guineas,  who ran off as they always do (except when they are apparently rescuing some of their own).

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best pest control of them all?"

After a hard day of causing mischief Molly likes to collapse on the couch to catch a few winks...thereby causing more mischief as you see she isn't supposed to be up on the furniture!


  1. She is such a pretty dog!! I love blue merles. Vella gets herded by the she takes it out on the chickens..but only if I'm coming out of the front's almost like she's saying "see! I do DO stuff!" lol. It drives her nuts when things are out of place though...right now all the meat rabbits are out on the lawn in tractors and every day she goes out there and whines because they aren't where they are supposed to be! Silly dog. :)

  2. Stacy - Yep, the Icelandic sheep really make it hard on them there dogs! Molly sounds just like your Vella, she tries desperately to help and more often than not ends up causing havoc instead of helping.

  3. But the couch is sooooo comfy, LOL, after a hard day outside everyone needs a soft spot to take a nap. I gave up and bought a large painters, drop cloth to cover the sofa, sometimes with Bella and Dollar both napping there it's hard to find space for myself.

  4. Tombstone - When I am on the couch Molly treats me like a pillow!

  5. Lol, my cat Jack loves to lay on my lap whenever I sit on the couch. The cats are only allowed on the couch when we put a blanet down first. So we always have to put blankets on our laps when we sit on the couch.

    You animals are so very pretty - the dogs and the cats, too. I love all their coloring.

  6. Lynn - I don't think the cats can be trained although I don't think they have given up on training us yet. I like my goats to be colorful and I guess I didn't realize how colorful the "Help" is as well.