Sunday, August 19, 2012

Winter is Coming....

The Commander and one of the boys spent the entire weekend moving and splitting firewood.  We heat our house with fuel oil and the price of oil products is going through the roof so the wood stove is going to get a lot of action this Winter.

The two boys who are currently at home head off to College this coming weekend so there will be a lot of "wood work" getting done when the Commander comes home every evening this week.  The woodshed is only about half full so it is going to be a long week! 

Fall is in the air so that means; Winter is Coming.....  Are you getting ready?


  1. I asked someone today if they were getting ready for winter, and the answer was: "It's only August". I don't know but I'm starting now, too. (She laughed at me).

  2. Mary Ann - The sad thing here is that one can see a few leaves beginning to turn already.

  3. Oh, my. Luckily, we have our wood in, we were allowed to clean off windfalls at a neighbor's house, and still have plenty, even after a season or two. I, however, am starting to do the "preserve" thing, so I have applesauce, berries, that sort of thing going on for winter... They are such a pain to pick (at least the berries) but soooo worth it come January!


  4. Cat - The kids today were complaining that we didn't have any fruit in the house, I sure wish I knew how to can like you do!

  5. Yep, we have last minute wood splitting and stacking on the mind too!

    Love your blog! Thanks for liking us on FB
    Kelle on The Never Done Farm

  6. Kelle - Right back at you! We still have along way to go to get all the wood we need as the Winter is really long here.