Saturday, October 27, 2012

Buck Barn!

The Commander didn't take the job so it looks like we will be staying here for a long time.  I guess that means that the new Buck Barn won't go to waste.  I think it might be too cold to get it painted at this point but its arrival means I will be able to keep my own Bucks for breeding this year!


  1. I'm so jealous.. we finally were able to get goats this year but everyone said NO to a buck! Bummer!

    1. A MNH - Thank you for stopping bye and commenting! What kind of goats do you have?

  2. Glad to hear you will be staying. I know how much work and heart you've put into your home. That looks like it will be a good buck barn.

  3. I'm glad for you... and is that a Derksen building? We have two!

  4. Yay... so exciting. Love the little barn.

  5. A MNH - It may not be a bad thing to ease your way into having a Buck on the property, they are tricky rascals.

    Teresa - At most the barn will hold 4 stinky boys, it should be just the right size.

    Mary Ann - It is made by a local company and we are good friends with the owner (now that he has put up 4 building here), it uses all wood - no particle board!

    Carolyn - I can't wait for it to get painted, then the real "swank" can begin.

    Ruth - It was time to bring the boys to the property, this barn will be just the right size.

  6. I'm glad you and the Commander made a decision. Things are crazy with the economy and the election right now. I'm glad that I can continue to read about your homestead, also.

    I am considering selling our farm. We have another property which is also for sale, but as of yet we haven't made the decision to actually sell the farm. Only time will tell. And like you said, winter isn't a good time to sell.

  7. Lynn - I have always enjoyed following what goes on at your place as it seems like a sanctuary from the DC craziness. You obviously have to do what is best for your family and I wish you luck with the difficult decision. I'm happy everyone made it through the storm as well!