Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scratching the Homestead?

I haven't been posting lately as the Commander has been considering a new job that would take us home back to Michigan.  This is a huge decision for us but the timing is terrible.

First there is the election to consider and its impact on the future of the economy and the country.  We often refer to the homestead as our insurance policy, can we really afford to toss it away without knowing who the President is going to be?

Second, trying to sell a home in the Winter is next to impossible and the current economic climate doesn't make things any easier.  Can we afford to take a loss?  Again, knowing the results of the election would help.  What would I do with the animals?  (The goats go where I go!)

Third, could we get anything comparable in our new location?  If you have seen the pictures of my goat barn and the work my father did on the inside of it you can see my trepidation about finding something as nice as I have now.

Fourth, we built this place from scratch - are we ready to give it up?


We took a lot of the leaves from the yard and deposited them inside the chicken coop.

I have discovered over the last couple of years that the chickens shred the leaves to pieces in no time and the worms love it!


  1. That is a lot to think about! It's never an easy decision, but the timing does make it harder. I wish you luck no matter what your decision is.

  2. Hope things work out for you guys regarding the possible work/more. It must be awful hard to leave everything you did on the farm.

  3. Wow, If you are like me you don't like change. Does he have a job offer requiring a quick decision? Even after the election it is going to take some time for things to get better if they do. At least with the internet you can look at areas to see what is available / comparable to your homestead. Your right Winter may not be the best time to sell. Weigh your options, good luck. Smart idea giving the chickens all those leaves, will be great compost. I need to get out with my mulcher / vacuum, leaves are just starting to fall here. Was still in the 90's last week, 60's this week and I see a dusting of snow on the Sierras.

  4. Teresa - Thank you for the support!

    Carolyn - I was looking through the pictures from the blog today and it really made me notice what we would be losing if we leave - yikes!

    Tombstone - What do they say, "you can never go home again." I don't think we could recreate this place either. Am I home now and I just don't realize it?

  5. Chai Chai, I missed this post somehow in the last week... I hope you can reach a decision that is right for all of you. The leaves idea is a great one, I'm going to start raking today... good excercise and something to keep the chickens busy when we move them in a week.

  6. Mary Ann - The Commander had to decide today so with the election still in doubt we defaulted to staying. Let me know if your chickens like digging through the leaves as much and mine do!