Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bye Bye Blue Barn

It has been a busy weekend here. The blue barn had to go, but first we salvaged the aluminum roof tiles for future sheep shelters. After the roof was removed the barn was knocked down via truck and sledgehammer. The remains were hauled into a 30 yard dumpster, I thought the dumpster was huge but it just managed to contain the rubble.

After the barn was removed a few trees were cut down to make room and a mountain of branches, brush, and saplings were accumulated. A chainsaw helped increase the firewood supply for next year, then the new chipper went to work. Over two days the mountain was reduced to around 10 wheelbarrow loads of mulch. The mulch was placed around the garden fence and in various flower boxes.

Finally, all that remained was the railroad tie flooring. The floor was pried up and carried off to the side for the goats to use as toys.

The cleared plot, ready for the goat barn that will be built this week.

I'm sure we can make some good goat exercise equipment out of these.

It appears that Spring may finally be here.


  1. Oooooo...a new goat barn. Thats exciting!

  2. Yep, we can't wait. Pictures to come and fencing to put up as well.