Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hand Fetish

When I go outside with the goats I always wear my gloves. The only time they see my hands is when I give them treats. The other day the Commander was walking the goats and having Sara practice herding Chip so I thought I would go out and watch. I forgot my gloves and boy did the goats take notice. Addison was next to uncontrollable in her attempts to get treats from me. She was doing all her tricks and showing off. Poor Chip could only beg and nibble at my zipper pockets. Things got so ridiculous that I had to go inside and get my gloves, when I came out again, hands covered, they acted just fine.


  1. Fascinating that they actually noticed this. Do you know why they reacted so intensely to seeing you without gloves?

  2. When I take them for their walk sometimes I have some goat treats in my jacket pocket. Right before I give them a sample I take off my left glove so I can reach in and take out a few. Chip now tries to reach for my pocket zipper and pull it down to help with the process. It's like he is saying "Hurry up Mom"!