Friday, April 16, 2010

New Red Barn

Here is our new goat barn! It is 18 x 12 with a 10 x 12 full height loft. Sky lights on the top. This wonderful building was built for us by "Duluth Shed" in less than 3 days. The barn is all solid wood.

Notice the little goat door and ramp cut into the main door. This is on the South side and will lead out into the goats everyday living area.

Windows on the East side to let the morning sun shine in. A high door was included so we could load hay directly into the loft.

Dutch doors on the West side. The inside floor is treated planks normally used for building decks, this will allow for plenty of ventilation. We even have electricity. Now all we need to do is paint it red with white trim, add the lattice, and put up the fencing. Addison and Chip will soon be enjoying their new home.


  1. That looks fantastic. A great goat barn indeed! Are you going to prime it first or just use many, many coats of red paint??? I bet that natural wood will absorb that red paint pretty easily.

    I cant wait to see it all done. It will be beautiful. :-) The goats are sure to love it!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful barn. On my to-do list when it finally dries out around here (fingers crossed) is to give my little goat house a fresh coat of brick red paint and whitewash the interior. It *really* needs it. :-)
    I love the little goat door within the bigger door. It will be fun to see little goats running around your place. When are they coming?

  3. Frugalmom we are very pleased with the barn in fact we refer to it as "The Goat Palace". The paint we are using is a paint for barns and fences. It is suppose to be self priming and provides long lasting color and protection- which is good because after painting just one side my arms are giving me a fit!!!

    Farmgirl- thank you for your compliments. We are so thrilled with it! We have two of our babies already- they are in their temporary quarters(the woodshed). Once I saw Addison I fell in love and logic went out the window. No fences, no barn, snow on the ground- no problem! I had to have her!!! Then she needed a friend and then there was another cutie..... I wonder if you can put goats on layaway.