Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Commander sprained his ankle on Saturday clearing brush and progress has ground to a halt. He has been reduced to bed rest and it is driving him crazy.

Sara is so used to the Commander being outside that she isn't sure of what to do. She has decided to bring every toy in the house to where he is laying.

Since the Commander was bed ridden we have been watching Joan of Arcadia, what a great show. The Commander says he loves watching this with me because he like to see me tear up during every episode. If you haven't seen this show it is something you really should do.

I haven't been totally lazy. The garden is now tilled and ready for planting and the shed is 3/4 painted - pictures soon.


  1. I feel for the Commander, I had not quite as bad of injury, but I was planting last year with an ankle splint, and had to have help. I *never* ask for help, if I can avoid it.

    That is so cute, Sara sharing. She just wants to help, but don't fall asleep with any squeak toys on the bed...

    Never heard of this Joan of Arcadia, will have to rent it sometime...


  2. The Commander is getting better by the day and should be able to get back outside early next week.

    Sara has so much energy that if she spends any length of time inside fetch with toys becomes a mandatory function for all family members. I can't count the number of times that I have taken a nap only to awaken to a mountain of dog toys surrounding me.