Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chipper Wars

The Commander and his chipper have been very busy over the past several days. The area behind the new barn and the high ground were all cleared of trees and saplings, leaving several huge piles of brush. The chipper (able to handle 3" wide sticks) has been running endlessly, reducing all the set piles to pulp.

While he was doing that I got the new red barn taped and painted one of the sides. The wood is literally drinking the paint. This is going to take several more days to complete.


  1. "I'm thinking of good vibrations, the chippers is giving the Commander high expectations...."

  2. Major chipper envy. Extreme. Does it really work? I always figure if I got one it would shred toothpicks but not much else.

  3. The chipper has made several mountains of mulch that we have put to use around the garden, flower beds, and where ever else we can stash it. It is truly amazing how huge piles of branches/saplings are reduced to manageable piles of mulch. The 3" diameter really takes care of everything that can't be used for firewood. We are happy that we didn't go with the 2" because it would have been too small. The thing also is advertised to take care of leaves, but we have so many branches that we haven't tried that yet.

  4. Your good high school buddy could show you how to carve with that chain saw if you want. Quite an operation you have there.

    Coach and Mrs. M.