Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And so it begins.....

I picked up our poultry order from the local farm store this morning. It consisted of 8 Wyandotte females, 1 Wyandotte rooster (pictured above), 5 royal Guineas, and 5 lavender Guineas. The rest of the day was spent setting up heat lamps for the brood in the garage, and moving the ducklings out to join them.

They all seem to be healthy and active, and every time I check on them I dip their beaks in the water so they know where it is. The Guineas are smaller than the chickens, pictured above is one of the royal Guineas.

The lavender Guineas are very cute (pictured), but the chickens seem to go out of their way to trample or lay right on them. Lets hope the garage doesn't catch fire tonight from the heat lamps.


  1. Aw, so cute! Once I ordered quite the menagerie all at once. Chicks, keets, ducklings, and goslings. We could not find one of the three goslings anywhere, and we looked all over, for DAYS! Finally found it. It was flat.

    My DD had accidentally set the water can on top of one of the goslings. Good grief. I have no idea how she did that and did not notice!

    Here's hoping your brood does better!


  2. The babies are adorable!!! I saw some baby ducks at the feed store last month, I almost got a few, but my husband insisted that we don't have water for ducks, and ducks just need water. The guineas are very cute!! You know I have a special place in my heart for guineas, since I have my own keets!

    I think your keets will be fine without a mother hen. We raised 5 last year without a mother hen, but we did not have much luck - only 2 survived. That's why we got more keets this year, a guinea flock isn't very useful with only 2 birds!

    Good luck with the babies!! Keep posting pictures!

    PS - Your farm is very interesting! Your husband is military? My husband just retired from the military last year.


  3. Lynn, My husband made the same comments concerning the ducklings as yours. We will just get a baby pool to keep them in water. Go to the Ohiofarmgirl's blog (listed on the right) and read her post on ducks. The Guineas will be very useful here to help control the ticks, if we can keep them alive.

    My husband, the Commander, it retired Navy. Seems the farm life may draw these types?