Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Don't take kids shopping......

...or else you will end up with things that you didn't plan on, like Ducklings! I went to the local farm store after my after school pickup to make sure our chickens would arrive tomorrow as scheduled and, well, I ended up with three ducklings. I originally said no. I made the case that ducks really don't serve much of a purpose, especially at our house where we have no standing water, but.... I fully expected the Commander to back me up so when I asked him he stated; "I don't care." That was it, I couldn't say no at that point. Tonight will be spent researching how to raise ducks.

They are cute, I guess we will be picking up a baby pool for them some time this summer.

It has been raining all day, so when I heard the goats screaming I knew something was up. Out I trudged into the pouring storm, only to discover that they had somehow gotten into the birthing stall - that had a tamper proof latch - and had eaten a small hole in the grain bag and chowed on the alfalfa stored there. Addison and Becka looked fine, but Chips belly was full! I fed him some baking soda and will check on him later. Sara was no help, I let her in the barn to help me round them up and she was more interested in eating goat dropping than helping, so out she went.

Finally, the Commander had what he thought was a simple question for me; "This project was originally planned for sheep, yet we now have goats and ducks (and no sheep), how did this happen?" The chickens and Guinea keets arrive tomorrow, Lord help us.


  1. Apparently you shouldn't take me shopping either, cause I would have probably gotten the ducks as well! I only kept myself from getting some last weekend because I got the turkeys... which I don't have a pen for yet. Oh well, they are fine with the chickies for now!

    As for planning for one thing and ending up with other things- isn't that how this thing always works? Or is it just us? ;)

  2. Oh jeez. You cant say no after an I dont care...thats just not how it works. :-)

    How are the goats today after their not approved snack? Well, I hope.

    Youre getting sheep??? :-)

  3. BB - I think it is us, we got the goats and had to put them in the wood shed because of lack of fences and barn.

    FM - I agree, the Commander forced my hand.... The goats are fine, and we love our Chip, he provides us with so much joy. I was only curious if you were going to breed Nigerians.

    Sheep are scheduled to arrive late July, still no fences or a barn built for them yet, we stall have time (I hope)!