Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goat Stand

I decided it was time to introduce the goats to the goat stand so this morning they all had their grain while restrained on the platform. Since they were locked away I took the opportunity to clean up their hooves.

They were not at all happy at the time but they now seem to relate the green grain bin with food, so up on the stand they jump at every opportunity.

There just doesn't seem to be enough room to accommodate the demand for space around here.


  1. Oh, that looks almost just like the one I built! You did an awesome job! Looks like the goats think so too. They are such cuties!


  2. You are smart to get them used to it way before they are milking. I always pretend milk them to so it's not so much a shock when you first start milking.
    They are very cute.

  3. Faith, We picked this one up from Craigslist but plan on making a new one - this one will go to the sheep.

    GG, That is exactly what we are hoping.