Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Fowl day - with Goats!

After seeing how dirty the chicks could get their pen we decided to see how they would react in a makeshift pen outside. We set out some chicken wire and covered it with mesh, added water dispensers and food trays, then introduced the chicks. They loved it! It was funny to watch them try to fly, and once they discovered they could get off the ground they took turns launching themselves at one another. Can you spot the Rhode Island Red who replaced the one chick we lost?

Not to be left out the ducklings decided to splash around in the water pan. No escaping this time, they settled down and ate grass and whatever bugs they came across.

The Guineas are smaller than the others so I was a bit leery about putting them in the pen but the Commander talked me into it. The Guineas actions seemed to prove me right as they huddled in a circle and made loud peeping distress calls. The calls actually attracted some crows who decided to circle menacingly overhead. Canyou spot the white Guinea replacement?

The only Guinea who didn't huddle in the circle was this brave Lavender. When the ducklings took over the water hole and drove the chicks off the little Lavender charged in and drove the bigger ducklings away - so funny to see.

It took Chip crashing into/over the fence to get the Guineas out of their circle. Once they discovered that the chicks were friendly they too had a ball. The Guineas actually seem to be further ahead in the flying game than the chicks.

At the end of the day we had to round everyone up and put them back in the garage. A later inspection showed all the fowl resting in an exhausted manner - a very happy day!

Chip so wanted to try the chicken feed, we had to keep a close eye on him as he crashed the wire several times.

Everyone wanted a ringside seat to watch the show, and when none were available Chip and Becca made room for themselves.

The fencing for the coop area was finished today, so in went the goats to eat down some of the brush. Addison enjoyed being off the tether for a change.

Chip found his way into the duckling's old maximum security holding area looking for food, what a ham.

Friday was a very special day here as a little girl had a slumber party for her birthday. A lot of fun was had by all, with the girls finally succumbing to the sandman at 0530 the next morning.

I get a hug from a happy little girl!

Oh, I got the goat stand ready for use today - although this is not the first customer I expected.

Happy Fathers Day everyone, hope your day was as wonderful as ours!


  1. We also like to park our chairs in front of the chicken coop and watch the show. Chickens are such fun. :)

  2. You keets are so small!!! They are so cute! And I love the chicks, of course, and the ducklings, too!!


  3. Mary, I am suprised at how much we enjoy just watching them.

    Lynn, We are learning a lot from your chick/keet posts.

  4. I love to sit there, outside, and just look at their antics in the warm sun. One year I ordered in a lot of birds, all these, plus goslings as well. The dozen ducklings grew into the most comical flock of ducks. It was a joy to watch them waddle all over the property in a group. I do miss them.


  5. Faith, I don't see any fowl on your blog - maybe its time?

  6. The last couple of years before my DH left us were a little tough and I ended up giving away a lot of our farm inhabitants. At this time, I don't want to get more as I don't know if we'll be able to stay here or how long. Plus, they have to be locked up in a small area as my dastardly neighbor likes to shoot them. I lost a heck of a lot of fowl that way. This morning I had to go get the dog from the pound as he'd trapped him and took him in. Sigh..... good fences make good neighbors. Wish I could afford a doozy! LOL


  7. Faith, Looks like we will pray for your success - and for future fowl for you!