Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Replacements

I picked up one Rhode Island Red chick and one White Guinea keet at the farm store to replace the ones we lost, after a short period they were in snuggling with their bin mates. I also picked up eight feet of low fence that can be set in a circle, I plan on putting it in the grass and letting the ducks free to play in the grass. Anything that reduces the mess they make in their pen will be greatly appreciated.

Today was again overcast with light rain sprinkles, making sixteen straight days in June with no sunshine. The goats left the barn but didn't really graze, they still hate rain.


  1. It's goat boys, Pete and Reggie won't come out in the rain if they're by themselves, but if it means "going for a walk" with me and Roxy, my farm pup, they will race out and endure the rain with no problem. :-)

  2. Farmgirl - Addison is the queen here and she refuses to go out in the rain or even get her feet wet. The two little ones won't go anywhere without her as Sara has been (poorly) trained to run them back to her if they stray.