Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dress Up

I needed to worm the goats but it was WAY TOO COLD out in their barn to do it, so once again I had goats in the house. I don't have a bathroom scale so I used the WII Fit board to get it done.

Here is chip taking his turn getting weighed, he is so lovable. Now that I have their weights I could give them the proper dosage of wormer.

Chip just loved all the attention he was getting while I trimmed his hooves and gave him a general cleaning up. I was happy my mother was here to help, otherwise I'm not sure I could have got this done.

Gidget liked it too, she fell right to sleep while she was getting her manicures.

I picked up these vests at goodwill in case it got really cold, I figured I could get them to fit the goats if needed. When it got to 15* below zero and their fur was covered in frost I decided to give them a try.

Chip's was open down below so he could do his business. He didn't seem to mind the jacket at all.

Becca Boo wasn't too excited, but she seemed to be warmer and happier over night in the barn.

Addison didn't like it, so I took hers off yesterday. She also seems to be the least effected by the cold.

Gidget seems to love the jacket. She always seemed to be cold but not now, she goes outside more than she did.

I will take all the jackets off today as it is unexpectedly warming up to above zero, who knows for how long?


  1. This is so clever! Tell me, please, what sizes did you get? Are they child-sized? Not that I'm going to need them here - the closest we came to 0 degrees was last year when we bottomed out at 7 degrees, but still, I love creative solutions like this! And they all look so adorable in their coats! :-)
    Hey, your mom and my mom should rent out their goat-holding services - my Pete and Reggie love to nap in my mom's lap during their mani/pedis, too. lol

  2. Genius...weighing them on your Wii fit and the vests from Goodwill :) They are so cute in their vests. Glad to hear that it is going to be warming up!

  3. Farmgirl - The best vests have snaps and velcro waist tighteners insyead of zippers. The ones I picked up were mediums because of the length of the goats bodies. Gidget got a large dog sweater and a large dog coat that I picked up on clearance last year. I am actually going to use her vest and sweater as a pattern for some more that I will try and make for kids and lambs. Seems like all moms love goats, so long as they live with their daughters.

    Shannon - I can't take credit for using the WII, my daughter came up with the idea.

  4. Ah! Vests! I was given a super-ugly puffy vest for christmas... I think Bill may have a new outfit! That's a smart (and hilarious) idea to weigh your goats!

  5. What a good idea! They certainly look snuggly!

  6. Love the vests!! The goats are oh-so-cute! What a great idea!

  7. This is great, Chai! I love the look and I'm sure your goats appreciate their comfortable vests too. I can't imagine on-going weather below zero degreens! We are spoiled...


  8. Do all goat owners in your area need to do this to keep the goats alive, or are you giving them a little pampering?

    I often worry about my animals, amazed at the temperatures they seem to endure and live, where we would succumb very quickly.

    I'd worry about them, like you.


  9. Faith, Our barns are off the ground allowing cold air to circulate underneath - great for summer but very cold in winter. The goats could get by without the jackets but when they get frost on their coats I get a little antsy.

  10. You gotta love Goodwill. Best dressed goats around.

  11. Now see? Here you are, too. Clearly, I just haven't been paying attention. Shame on me.
    ((waving)) Hiiiii Sherylllll!!! :-)

  12. Farmgirl - I forgot about this one. Did you see the picture of the Commander?