Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is Alder, when we got him his left horn was damaged and we had some concern about how they would develop as he got older. Turns out they are very wide and highly arched, I like them.

Alder is the clean-up ram this year so he is very happy right now. As far as I can tell (granted, I am a novice at this) NONE of the ewes look to be pregnant, I would hate to think that both Alder and Killarney are, um, less than useful.....


  1. Maybe Alder prefers the motto (Practice make perfect)

  2. Yes, but they should have fun trying! Ahem. I can't remember off the top of my head, but it seems like vets can test for how well a bull can... perform, perhaps there is a test for males of other types?

    Just a thought...

  3. While I have no idea what it means to be a "clean-up ram", I'm pleased that Alder is happy. He's one handsome boy! :-)
    And those really are amazing looking horns. Are sheep head-butters as much as goats are?

  4. BMKW - He had better hurry, his time with the girls is almost up.

    Cat - A test like that is for real farmers and breeders who have money, we here just rely on the Magic 8-Ball.

    Farmgirl - Clean-up rams make sure the ewes are pregnant, in case the first ram was having "technical difficulties".

    So was that a bird attacking George in the picture or something else?

  5. Again, that comment on the bird above George's head had me laughing out loud. You are FUNNY!
    But seriously? We have huge problems with our birds flying into our door windows. Those are decals meant to dissuade them from breaking their necks on the glass when they try to come be inside with me. :-)

  6. Oh, and by the way? I woke up the other morning with a fright because I literally, at that moment, realized I had published a post without a single photo of an animal in it and you were totally going to nail me for it.
    Ah...the funny things I stress about... lol

  7. Farmgirl - Boy do I feel foolish, sure looked like a bird to me. The good thing is that I won't be breaking my neck on the glass doors of your house trying to get in.....

  8. Farmgirl - I have been watching closely and you have always had eggs or animals (even the bird yesterday), I will have to go back and look.

  9. Doh!! The bird! Saved by a bird! Does that bird count? Phew! My understanding was it had to be one of "my" animals...
    Gosh, I totally wish I had known this before I catapulted myself out of a good sleep. lol :-)

  10. Well I figured since the bird was in its second post and it lived "on the farm" that it counted.

  11. Right, right. That's *totally* what I was thinking, too.