Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Who gets clothes this dirty?

Gidget! (This is an old picture of Gidget but I had to slip it in because I wasn't able to get one of her without her jacket on.)

Gidget was brought into the house to get her hooves trimmed and when I saw how dirty she had gotten her sweater I decided to change it. She fought getting the new one on like a little kid.

Here she is wearing her other sweater.

It was designed for dogs so it fits her nicely, no chaffing or rubbing and an open bottom.

The jacket that covers her sweater has no zippers or ties, just velcro. The zipper in the picture is an outside pocket in which she can hide treats from the other goats.

It fits her just right, she likes it, and she is ready to go back out into the frozen tundra.


  1. I am seriously grateful that I live in a place where my animals do not have to wear things that would add laundry to the already overwhelming piles at my house. However, with all our mud, maybe the sheep will need little galoshes.

  2. I would love to see a picture of your sheep in galoshes, assuming they needed them of course.

  3. That is the cutest thing- a goat in a sweater! We just brought home Nigerian goats, and while we don't have to dress them in coats or sweaters, they are still adorable. :)

  4. BMKW - I will admit it, I spoil the goats. If you haven't seen it you must see the Ghost and Mrs Muir, it is a classic.

    Sarah - I love my Nigerian Goats, you will too. Congratulations on your first egg, there will be plenty more in your future.

  5. Love it.....what a stylish girl she is!

  6. She is adorable. I love her wardrobe. What a stylish girl :)

  7. Niece/Verde - She thinks she is the height of fashion!