Sunday, January 16, 2011

Roof Snow

We have had a lot of snow this Winter so far and a period of freezing rain last week left all the roofs here heavily loaded. This is the back corner of the house, look at all the ice. We are concerned about ice dams on the house and garage, but not much we can do about it right now.

The garage, the front is like the edge of a glacier.

The chicken coop. I wonder if the layer of snow helps keep the chickens warm? The chickens haven't ventured outside for the past few days as the temperatures had dipped back to the vicinity of ten below.

Here is the woodshed, a nice snow hat to keep what is left of the wood warm.

The sheep house, not too bad.

The goat house.

The storage bin outside the goat house. I won't be getting anything out of this bin until Spring.

The ram shack(le). This has less snow than the others as we had to shovel off the top layer and remove an iceberg weighing around 300 pounds. I am amazed that the tarp didn't just tear away. It was close as the tarp was torn in several places and had severe stretch marks. It took the Commander and I several hours to remove the berg, we had to break it into several pieces before we could get it out.

Finally, the outdoor grill. I can't wait for Spring!


  1. I know the snow has insulating value. They say if you are stranded, build a snow shelter to insulate you. So I'm sure it's helping.

    Ours is melting still today. But we didn't have as much as you. Beautiful, even if it's inhospitable.


  2. I know what you mean about Spring!! Thankfully we're getting closer. The roof of our house looked like that a couple weeks ago until we finally broke down and went up there to shovel it off. Can't do much with the coops and sheds though since we can't reach all the way up there.

  3. Faith, I would trade a good melt for scenery at this point.

    Mandy, Unfortunately we can't get up on the house roof so we have to hope the ice damage isn't too bad.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Did you grow up in NE Minnesota? Just wondering if this is what you've always known when winter comes or if this is something you're still getting used to.
    I'm assuming "ice dams" are when the ice blocks the gutters?
    We certainly have very different challenges right now, I must say, but I love reading about yours. :-)

  5. Farmgirl, Ice dams are sheets of ice covering the roof that force the melting snow down through/under the roof shingles and cause water damage. I grew up in Michigan but the snow and cold their is nothing compared to this.