Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Beat a Rug

Sara is a different kind of Border Collie. Sara loves goats, Sara loves herding goats, Sara loves visiting the goats barn. Herding goats is hard as they have zero flocking instinct, they have minds of their own, and they are very stubborn, yet Sara is very good at rounding them up.

On the other hand, Sara is afraid of female sheep and wary of the boys. Sara no longer goes anywhere near the ewes barn, Sara will visit the rams but stays well clear of them. Sheep should be easy for her, yet the ewes follow her around and it totally unnerves her. Sara is an odd duck.

The other day I was watching her through the window and when she thought no one was watching she would put her head into the snowbank and eat the snow like it was ice cream. If someone was watching she wouldn't do it, the only time she would go for it was when she thought she was getting away with something.

When it warms up I am going to have Sara help me clean the house, for as you will see she is very good at beating rugs.


  1. I love your Sara. She does a great job cleaning rugs. My dog know that she is not suppose to beg for food. She stares at us eating and then when we look at her she pretends to be looking out the window. Too cute.

  2. Oh myyyyy....I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that shaking/beating. Before I watched the video, I was going to say "ha, ha..that's funny because Roxy does this shaking thing, too", but now that I've seen the video, well, I'm just not going to say that. :-)

    I do love stories like this, though. A lot. I *love* hearing about the ideosyncracies that animals have in their personalities. Secret snow eating - that's a good one. A fear of sheep who follow you, yup - that one's pretty close to the top, too. lol
    And you gotta love a girl who is so optimistic as to perpetually try to herd an animal that, by its very nature, resists being herded.
    I ♥ Sara.

  3. BMKW - That is funny about your dog, feigning passive disinterest to food. Dogs are just wonderful with all their strange personal habits.

    Farmgirl - It annoys and amazes the Commander that Sara can round up the goats and can't do anything with the sheep. The goats will come if called sometimes, only if they want to or aren't busy getting into trouble, so the ability to herd them comes in handy. He just thinks that having a helper with the sheep who never try to follow or help you would be more useful. I agree with you about unique animal personalities, Sara is lucky she lives here because she fits right in with the rest of us oddballs.

  4. psst.. hey baby.. come on by if you have a second. i have something for you