Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spooling up for Spring

The last week has had temperatures well down below -15 degrees, so It has been too cold to do anything outside. I promised Farmgirl from Critter Farm that once it warmed up a little that I would sit on the goat spool for her.

The snow was way too deep to get in to the spool from the gate!

We tried opening the pasture door from inside the barn but the bottom was frozen with several inches of ice blocking it tight.

That left only one option, through the goat door we all went!

Gidget wasn't too sure what we were up to but didn't want to get left out.

The Commander had to break a trail several times before Sara and Becka Boo would even attempt to plow through the deep snow to get to the spool.

We ended up with a one way traffic jam, no room to go forward or to be able to turn around and go back. One step off the path meant instant floundering in knee deep (for humans) or over their head deep (for goats and dogs) snow!

The Commander shoveled off half the spool so you could see how much snow was compacted on it. I'm not short and it was knee high to me!

Sitting on the snow was odd because it was very solid, very little give.

The snow on the spool was taller than Gidget!

"What is that sound behind me, is it a Yeti?"

The rest of the goats decided it was safer to stay on the ice trails then to go back wading into the snow. "We will wait for Spring before playing on the spool thank you."

"Unless you want to dig out the balance beam of course...."


  1. Ah ha ha ha - laughing out loud... I love it. :-) :-)
    So, it wasn't at all like a fluffy marshmallow! Just think - we never would have known this had you not conducted this most important experiment. Thank you so much. I love how much of a family affair this was, too.
    And may I just say how much I love your pink boots?
    (Wow - I'm thinking you pretty much almost single-handedly boosted me right out of my cabinet-refrigerator-closet-cleaning mode just now - what WILL I do with all my free time?)

  2. Farmgirl - I'm so happy this post may have helped lift your mood. It was certainly an all-hands project, the snow on the spool was compressed by months of snow and some icy rain so it was as hard as a rock!

    I couldn't find Winter boots that I liked so I got fleece liners for my rain boots and they keep my toes toasty!

  3. It sure looks like ourplace, except for the goats, of course. Only 37 days 'till spring!

  4. Ian - It does, even the thin wooded areas!

  5. Love the red boots and I'm impressed that your goaties will even go out in that snow! My boys are sissy's!

  6. Oh I needed this-when I get back to maine in a couple weeks they have promised me its just like this!! Thanks for the hands on adventure!! keep stitchin, Rain

  7. wow you got it pretty bad! i hope that you can see the ground soon : )

  8. Niece - I think their curiosity got the best of them.

    Rain - A warm front is passing through all week, you should get in in Maine 2 or 3 days from now. It is spectacular!

    Periwinkle - A lot a squishy snowmelt today, but what we really need is a good hard rain to melt everything. I must be dreaming because March is a full month of Winter here in NE MN.