Sunday, February 6, 2011


I was looking at some posts over at Critter Farm and saw a picture of Pete and Reggie on their spools. My goats can't get to their spools because the spools are buried in snow.

The scenery is pretty but also a little bit sad and lonely. Come Spring the spools will be alive with little goats jumping and playing on them. I can't wait.

I want to thank everyone for leaving their hard boiled egg recipes on yesterdays post. The chickens gave us 8 eggs today so I am looking forward to trying them out!


  1. I very much miss my chickens! I've got my order in, although my chicklets won't be coming until the first of May. I've got pigs in the hen house right now! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Ah ha ha... Oh my goodness - that spool takes on a whole new look with that much snow covering it, doesn't it? I totally want to go and plop myself right down on top of it - it looks soft as a marshmallow. Do that for me, would you? :-)

    Pete and Reggie's spools currently, though not covered in snow, are slippery and slimy from the rain and lack of sunlight. The grass is always greener, isn't it? Oh, wait - you can't see any grass right now, can you? ;-)
    Well, ours is slowly being replaced by some very tenacious moss, so don't feel too badly.

  3. p.s. Have you compared your 2011 to-date egg count to mine? sigh.
    I have 11 (aging) layers now and I'm still only getting one, maybe two, eggs a day. So sad.

  4. Goodwife - We are thinking the same thing except with Turkeys.

    Farmgirl - To get to the spools I will have to wade through snow almost 3 feet deep, we will see if I get out to it.

    As for the eggs I didn't think about having all my layers being the same age, I will have to ponder this. Maybe your 3 new arrivals will help your production.

  5. boys play things are covered in snow, I can't even get to their back pen door to let them out into their they are getting the run of the drive where hubby plows. They are loving it, caught them yesterday standing on the porch looking at the door as if they were waiting for someone to let them in to the

  6. Your spools look worse than mine! None of my guys bother with them this time of year with the snow on them, except the dogs once and a while. Oh the joys of snow! Good luck with your eggs :) I was wishing I had something to offer, I seem to remember I heard something about adding a little vinegar to the water but I may be dreaming. I'll have to go read the comments now so I'll learn something too :)

  7. Do you have snow shoes or do you just have paths to where you need to walk everyday? I would have to crawl into a cave and hibernate until all of the snow melted.

  8. Niece - You are doing much better than we are, I can't get my goats to come outside at all when the temp drops below 10 degrees.

    Luckybunny - There are a lot of recipes to choose from, give one a try! I'm thinking about going out to the spools and knocking the snow off, maybe it will bring an early Spring!

    Shannon - I have to stick to the ice trails or the snow is up over my knees. Snowshoes are on the wish list for next year.

  9. So? Did that lovely snow-covered spool have a marshmallowey feel to it when you sat on it for me? I've been wondering all day....

  10. Farmgirl - It was -18 this morning with a windchill beyond -30, extra stomping in the snow will have to wait till it warms up just a bit!