Friday, February 11, 2011

Wood Shortage

At the beginning of Winter we had a lot of wood ready for burning. Outside we had enough wood to be covered by two tarps. The outside wood consisted of various softwoods cut down this year and the woodshed was filled with well seasoned birch. The wood under the first tarp started at the stump to the left of Sara's tail.

Notice that one complete tarp is gone, the second is already in the process of being burned.

The woodshed had three rows of cut/stacked Birch wood on each side and 2 rows in the back. One side is completely burned and there is only a single partial row left on the other side. Half the wood in the back is gone, the way I figure it we have burned 2/3 of the total wood supply and still have the rest of February and all of March (still Winter) remaining.


  1. Wow I hope the weather starts co-operating so you don't run out before it warms up some.
    I know down here in Texas we normally don't have any more temps in the low 30's in Feb. but this year we have had them the first to weeks so far.
    If I am cold you must be freezing, try to stay warm and safe.

  2. *There* you are. I've missed you.
    Oooooh, a dwindling wood pile, not good with your current stubbornly, frigid weather.
    What's your plan?

  3. TJL - After a week of temps dropping to the low -20's it is actually supposed to warm up to over 32 this weekend!

    Farmgirl - We will go from freezing, freezing weather to having to worry about ice dams melting on the roof for the next 5 days. The plan will be to burn less wood (sadly) and use the occasional space heater to save fuel oil.

    To cheer you up tomorrow I will head out and get a picture of someone on the goat spool!

  4. Just the thought of this is making me smile already...

  5. That is a lot of wood. This has been a crazy winter. I am praying the groundhog is right and spring will come earlier. Hang in there. How are the goaties? :)
    If you get the chance, we would love for you to join us for Farm Friend Friday whenever you want to. You have such great posts :)

  6. Verde - We have had around 30 days of -10 degrees or more, making the use of wood a requirement. The goats are doing well and I will join the Farm Friend Friday next week as today's post isn't really "farmy".

  7. Those space heaters are wonderful. I have recently discovered, for instance, how nice one can be in my downstairs bathroom. (I hate sitting on an ice cold toilet, don't you?). I vividly remember the cccold MN winters and the gigantic wood pile as well as my grandfather out there with that axe every day. Good memories for me, because he was the one doing all of the chopping and we had no worries and piles of quilts made by grandma.

  8. yikes! we are getting more wood on monday. we are hoping the winter is about done.. but not yet. oh and hey - i saw Verde's fun FFFriday also but my friday post wasnt farmy enough either. but its a date for next week!

  9. NeverWinter - The cold potty in the basement is reserved for the boys, the warm one upstairs if for the girls. This year we put up a lot more wood because I didn't want to repeat the going-outside-in-the-something-below-and-help-with-the-chainsaw drama. I think homemade quilts are going to make a comeback.

    OFG - We would consider more wood deliveries but the snow is just to danged deep to get it stored properly. Next week with Verde for sure.

  10. I was just thinking about this over my morning coffee... that "someone" on the spool is going to be you, right? That *was* the original request, you know... :)

  11. So sorry to hear that you are going to have to burn less wood. I hate being cold!!! I love my space heater.

  12. Farmgirl - Mission accomplished.

    Shannon - The woodstove downstairs does so much for us. It heats the entire basement and the upstairs area by the stairs, it keeps the floors warm and reduces the need for the furnace to run, and it provides a cozy TV/reading area. Wood heat takes the bite out of Winter cold!