Friday, March 4, 2011

Frozen Meat

Every Spring our local butcher has a huge meat sale and we always take the opportunity to stock up.

We started this homestead in hopes that we can start to raise our own food, but since we are in the first year of the project nothing is really ready for "harvest". That means the Commander was sent off to pick up our order and to hopefully fill up the freezer.

Two years ago I got a freeze-wrap machine, it basically sucks all the air out from around the meat so it can be stored in the freezer for an extended period of time.

I pre-cut and sized the bags in preparation for the packing process.

Forty pounds of hamburger needed to be broken down into 1.5 to 2.0 pound patties for freezing. Next we packed the steaks, pork ribs, and spare ribs, the whole process took a couple of hours.

The finished product stacked up on the table - this should last us a good long while.

When we were finished the basement freezer was packed full. Hopefully next year we will have some locally produced meat to put in the freezer. With food prices having increased 17% in the past three months it feels good to have a bit socked away.


  1. Great idea! I like the idea of the vacuum bagging, but find it a little pricey. We haven't bought any meat in over a year. The venison and chickens seem to do us pretty well.

    Next summer, if it comes, we'll do a bigger and better garden.

    It looks like the food prices are going to go way up!

  2. Nice looking stash you got there! Isn't it a great feeling to have your freezer full? Good luck on getting your own meat in there next year!

  3. ok, I'm getting hungry now, after looking at all that meat! We need to find a local butcher who has sales like this!

  4. We don't have a local butcher, so we go to bulk stores and do the same thing... except I have to help package everything. Yuck! Although I do appreciate being able to do that.. goodness knows I'll probably be doing it too one day!

  5. Ian - The vacuum bag is fantastic, I have had meat taste great from the freezer over a year after it was put in!

    Carolyn - It was absolutely a major relief, nice to have a few supplies on hand especially with all the Middle East turmoil. Inflation is going to be a killer this year with high gas prices.

    Michaela - I hope so, at least until we get get our own operation running here.

    Lynn - It is a huge thing here in our town, I was able to get the last freezer bags at the store as everyone had the same idea.

    Autumn - The packing helps save money and also makes it last longer. A good thing to know about in your future.

  6. I really need a freezer. Our food prices have raised a similar amount (perhaps a bit more - from June to August, we had a 17% increase in some things, and they have gone up a bit from there). That vacuum packer looks like a good investment.

  7. Carolyn - I will have to look into the recycling idea.

    Nancy - We got our freezer 2 years ago I am sure when used in conjunction with the vacuum sealer it has paid for itself already.

  8. we have killed a beef for the last 3 years. A couple of months ago I bought some chicken for super. When my daughter came in and smelled it cooking she kept looking around saying "what's that smell?" I knew it had been a long time since we had had chicken but I hadn't realized it had been that long for her not to even recognized the smell.

  9. 4R's - I laughed when I read this comment. It is amazing what is common place to one person is strange and foreign to another. The conversation around here center on if anyone will dare to drink goats milk and "I sure hope we like lamb". No one aside from the Commander has ever tried either!

  10. good to know the vaccum seal works well. your tiara pics on your babies beautiful heads. so sweet! :) oh, found you from the blog hop at verde...come by for a visit!

  11. Kritter - The Verde Farm Friday is a great way to see new blogs isn't it!

  12. Well, this answers a question that has been bothering me for some time. Now I know for certain there will be plenty to eat when I come for a visit. :-)

    Also...extremely daring of you to raise goats for milk when you don't know if you as a family even likes goat milk. LOL. At this point, I'd say you are very lucky that you chose Nigerians as your dairy variety - I've heard it's the least "goaty" tasting milk out there due to its high butterfat content.

  13. What a smart idea. You should be well taken care of for a long while-that is a lot of food. I hear the vacuum sealing works really well for keeping food over time. Awesome idea!!
    PS--love your royal beauties below. Thanks for joining FFF!

  14. Farmgirl - Anytime you want to visit just let me know. Here is a picture of the guest room, its nice and cozy.

    Of course the butterfat content was the reason I picked Nigerians, the cuteness factor didn't play into it at all.

    Verde - It works great, I have had stuff taste great after almost a year in the freezer. Thank you for hosting FFF.

  15. Right, I understand completely. Butterfat content factored heavily into my decision on getting Pete and Reggie, too. Cuteness factor didn't weigh in at all.

    I love your guest room (and its inhabitants)!
    Pick me up from the airport?

  16. Great haul! Such a good idea too. We are so concerned about the rising cost of food, it's crazy. This will be our first year ever having chickens for meat, it's our start. And of course the garden.

    No I expect the cuteness factor of Nigerians didn't play into your decision lol. They are super cute little goaties.

  17. Farmgirl - I thought you would agree with me. Let us know when you are arriving!

    Luckybunny - I didn't have a very good "plucking" experience as a little girl and as a result meat chickens will have to wait. I hope to have better luck with the garden this year thanks to my cute goats droppings!