Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tiara Trouble

Someone, you know who you are, suggested that I get a tiara for Jeepers so all the other sheep would show her the respect she deserved as the Queen of the ewes.

When I presented the tiara to the ewes they all bowed their heads expecting to be crowned.

In Cinderella fashion Kia pushed her way forward expecting to claim the tiara as her own if she could only get it to fit. Unfortunately for Kia, like Cinderellas step-sisters, the tiara was not to be hers.

The way was now clear for Jeepers and yet, due to her horns, the tiara failed to fit. Jeepers would not be queen today.

Unexpectedly, Patch tried to claim the prize. His "Royal wave" was impressive, and yet it was not enough to overcome the fact that boys can't be the queen (at least on this farm).

Becca Boo now seemed poised to ascend to the throne and yet the prized remained just beyond her grasp.

There are two things to see in this picture. First, note the almost lion like mane Chip seems to possess. Isn't the Lion known as King of the jungle? Also, if you look closely you can see a flashing image around Chip's neck - that would be the tiara gripped between Chips teeth!

Chip set the tiara down gently into the hay and challenged the claim that the tiara could only go to a Queen.

The tiara didn't taste too good but doesn't the King get extra raisins and sunflower seeds?

Something is horribly wrong with this picture, no matter how badly Chip wants to be crowned King the tiara was made for a queen. I wasn't able to get the tiara away from Chip until the Commander caught him and wrestled it away.

Gidget wasn't interested in the tiara at all, she gets way too many perks as the barnyard "Princess".

Chai Chai? Nope!

The chickens liked all the "sparkles", but the scratch had more flavor.

Look at those eyes on Sara, "Long live the Queen!"


  1. Oh Sara! Chip looks very proud of himself in that picture... maybe he did want to be king!

  2. Great Post.....sooooo darn cute!

  3. Somehow, I think there should be some sort of Aesop's Fable or Fairy Tale that should cover this, but all I can think of is "The Hen and the Pearl", so I will just enjoy the royal antics...


  4. Laughing. SO. hard!!!
    This is an AWESOME post - absolutely spectacular! I'm thinking that with a little bit of elastic, one could totally modify that tiara to fit just right around Jeeper's pretty head and horns.
    And that last photo? The one of Sara? It looks like she's getting a very taut facelift as a bonus with that lovely tiara! Hilarious.
    What a fun post!
    Now, whose amazing suggestion did you say this was? I seriously think you should make her an honorary family member or name one of your new goat kids after her. lol :-) :-)

  5. Autumn - Crown or not Chip is definitely the King around here, and he knows it!

    Niece - I agree, I think they are all cute!

    OFG - Sara needed a confidence boost.

    Cat - The older children's stories always had a good moral lesson, not so much today.

    Nancy - Thank You.

    Farmgirl - Keep the suggestions coming. If you knew us better you would be afraid to jpin this family. Sara is just sporting her normal Collie look, she is built for speed.

    Luckybunny - I have a long way to go to catch up to your "Wayward Rabbit" cuteness!

  6. Thank you for the laughs. I can't imagine trying to give anything to just one critter here and not to all.

  7. So much fun! You have such accommodating animals. Mine would never tolerate that.

  8. I do not think the herd queen needs a tiara. She should have her own crowning horns of beauty! (But kind of cute on the dogs and cat.)

  9. Tee hee! I gotta tell you, the picture of the Commander and the goat looks way too disturbing! So cute!

  10. *giggles*


  11. Brilliant post! Cant wait to show my little girl. It is only fitting that the border collie get the crown! Well Done!

  12. Kelly - Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope your daughter likes the pictures, I did.

  13. What an entertaining post! I loved it! Especially the sheep bowing their heads. Too funny.

  14. Haha! What an adorable post! I love it. A great way to show off all of the royalty on your place. :)

  15. Haha, love it! LONG LIVE QUEEN SARA! I like the tiara on Chai Chai! She looks upset to have that thing on her head!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  16. Dreaming - Thanks, I really do think the sheep see themselves as royalty with the hand feeding and all...

    Nancy - I got everyone but the rams and guineas in on this post!

    Lynn - Chai Chai was not happy, cats see themselves more as overlords than royalty!