Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waiting Game

Everyone here is excited because baby goats or "kids" are due on or about March 30th. Gidget can't wait to become and Aunt (or maybe she just doesn't want to be the smallest anymore).

Chip is so proud. As far as he knows all the kids are going to be his, Lord knows he has tried and tried. Unfortunately for poor Chip he is just a randy wether, but he will still make a good Uncle.

It was 0*F this morning so I took everyone out for a walk to warm up. During the hike I noticed that Addison was dripping a little mucus from behind, it looks like her plug may be coming unstuck. I guess the kids could come any day now. Her ligaments feel a little mushy so I think I still have a little time. Last night I put the baby monitor in the barn and listened to them all night. I am ready!

Here is a top shot of Addison that I took last week, even though this is her first time I think there are twins in there.

Some days I think Becca Boo is smaller and on others she looks bigger. Since Becca is a first timer I am predicting Becca has one large kid, I can't wait!


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Now, if only there were a way I could connect my baby monitor (that I used for my chicks 3 years ago) and listen in, too - then everything would be just PERFECT on my end. :-)
    Good luck, Becca & Addy!!!!!!
    (And good work, Chip, you stud, you!) heh

  2. Looking good!

    I remember when my sister had goats, she used to be pretty good at guessing how many and what kind (boys or girls)... i on the other hand never guessed right!


  3. Danni - I'm trying to figure out what you would be listening for with the chicks? Chip is quite the stud, at least that is what I keep telling him.

    Leontien - I hope I'm right with my predictions because if they have any more I'm not sure what I would do with them.

  4. Well, truth be told, it was for the first week or so after I moved my "babies" out into their new coop. I was worried about predators and other dangerous things. And I missed them. I guess you could say I was suffering from empty nest syndrome. :-)

    Reggie thinks he's a big ol' stud, too. Funny boys.

  5. Here's to problem free births and hoping the snow is gone by then. Good luck!

  6. Can't wait to see pictures of the new arrivals. Love the thought of Chip, trying his hardest to help make babies...

  7. Danni - Empty nest, that truly is funny! What could you have possibly been expecting....

    Michaele - Unless there is a miracle the snow will be here. I so wanted the kids and lambs to be born into the grass but I just couldn't wait. I'm praying for problem free births as well - this is my first time for both, gulp!

    RHJF - Pictures will be posted and Chip won't know the difference.

  8. Oh, I am so excited!!! The baby monitor is a GREAT idea! I hope everyone has a safe and easy delivery! Good luck, girls!! :D

  9. my friend raises goats,he said if they grown downward they are multiple,if they grow outward they are single.
    he always seems to be right.
    can't wait to see pictures.

  10. Lynn - I got the idea from someone else so I can't take the credit. I will take well wished any time!

    Farmer - Interesting theory, it will be put to the test in a few days. Pictures coming soon...

  11. Wow...babies, babies everywhere. This is such an exciting time of year. I am having a great time watching all of you with your young ones.
    All I have is seedlings...but I am proud of them.

  12. I bet they all are going to be adorable!!

  13. TJL - that is how I felt last year!

    Autumn - I think all the babies I'm seeing pictures of are adorable!

  14. I have enjoyed reading about your goats and looking at the pictures.

  15. Alaska - Thank you for stopping by to comment, hope to see you again!

  16. O? eek! Wishing your goat mommas better weather!

  17. GoWest - It is in the 40's today so the mud under the snow is getting a chance to peak through.