Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Miracle of Life

Today made all the work we have done the past year worth while. I was in the kitchen on the telephone when I heard some odd noises coming from the goat barn over the baby monitor. I rushed out there thinking that Becca Boo was getting ready to give birth but it turned out to be Addison instead. As I got there I noticed she had begun to pass her baby, I could see his little face and front hooves peeking out. As I watched one of the front legs began to slide back in! Knowing that this could complicate the birth I decided to give her a little help. As I got down there I noticed the little guys tongue was hanging out inside the sack and I had a sick feeling that he was going to be stillborn. I got hold of him and guided the hooves clear as Addison pushed him out - she did all the work.

Sara started to go crazy when Addison was crying out with labor pains. She was jumping up over the dutch door and banging into the side walls of the barn. I had to let her in to calm her down. Once inside Sara calmed right down after Addison stopped calling out.  Look at her sitting there with her "arms" crossed like an expecting father. Sara loves her goats so much!

Once the little guy was clear Addison immediately began to clean him up. I was so proud of her, I think she is going to be a great mother. I used some micro-fiber towels to absorb the birthing fluids. It worked great as an adsorber but the hay and straw in the barn stuck to them like glue. Look at his white ears, I think they are just adorable.

Addison was tired but I made sure she fed her little boy before I left them alone. He was dry and fed in no time, he soon was exploring the birthing stall on his ever strengthening legs. I so love listening to Addison "talk" to her little guy, she makes all kinds of noises I have never heard before.

The new guy even made Sara happy by touching noses with her. Life on the farm is truly a miracle, I feel so blessed to have witnessed this birth. Sara's herd has expanded by one as of today!


  1. This is the most beautiful and awesome thing I have seen lately. Congratulations, GrandMa!!!

  2. So cool! Farm life is wonderful.:)

  3. Totally cute! You are truly blessed!

  4. yeah Addison!
    Glad everything went well!
    He is super sweet :) loving his colour.

  5. yay! great work! and you didnt even puke or pass out!

  6. Congragulations!!! He is sooo adorable!! What is his name?

  7. Oh my.....what a great post! He is soooooo cute and the pics are just the one of Sara watching!

  8. I've had several kids born with their tongues sticking out while being delivered. Not sure if that "means" anything, but all of them were fine.

    Cute Kiddo!

  9. oh what a joy to read this! your little baby is soooo precious and he is very beautiful. i want to see him! sigh...all of these goat bloggers have the sweetest little things being born now...wish i could have one...your sara is an angel, just love her!

  10. Absolutely~incredible~beautiful~adventure-thank you so much for sharing and for all the photos-the closest so many of us could be to being there for something like this!-we could feel the event through your own excitement!! It was wonderful---thank you-enjoy!!

  11. Awww! He is sooo cute!! I'm glad all went well...and I've had lambs that were born with their tongues out as well...I'm not sure what it means either..but they were all OK.
    Thanks for sharing..Love the pics :)

  12. Congrats! and what a little cutie:)
    I've seen the tongue like that before with lambs, but they have been okay as well.

  13. Lynn - I don't feel old, I feel so alive and awed after seeing this.

    Sarah - Farm life is wonderful!

    Ian - I truly am blessed, and thankful.

    Farmer - His color is just like his mothers but more white on his face. I think those white ears are so novel and amazing.

    OFG - The tequila that you recommended sounded really good as I was helping with the birth. This is all your fault by the way...thanks!

    Autumn - I am calling him Alexander for now.

    Niece - Sara was so worried it was comical. For whatever reason she loves the goats so much and worries over them in crazy ways.

    Carolyn - That tongue sticking out really had me scared, I hope it means great intelligence!

    Kritter Keeper - Sara is terrible with sheep but great with goats. She is an odd duck that fits right in here with the rest of us!

    Rain - This is my first time, having been on the reading end of so many stories it was surreal being there in person. A fantastic experience.

  14. HUGE congradulations! How exciting and how adorable, just the cutest thing... It is a miracle and it does seem to make everything we do worthwhile to see those little kids come out and take their first gulp of air! It's always amazing. I'm so thrilled about your new baby :)

  15. Oh - good job all around everyone!! The little guy is absolutely beautiful! And hearing you describe the special sounds Addy makes to, I didn't know they did this! You need to post a video so that we can hear.
    I bet you and Sarah both are having a hard time staying out of the barn!

  16. Stace - Thank you, the tongue really had me worried at first.

    Karen - Thanks, I have to do it a gain in a few days with Becca Boo.

    LuckyBunny - He took his first gulp of air as I was massaging him, all I could think of was "Breath!" It was amazing and nerve wracking all at once. I can't wait for Becca Boo to have her turn.

  17. Danni - That is a good idea about the video, I will try tomorrow. Sara and I are both exhausted but we still need to be ready for Becca Boo and the sheep.

  18. I normally would pass on riding the "goat love" train... but gosh hes got to be the cutest thing ever!

    and Sara wants to be a midwife :D

  19. So sweet! He is adorable :) I never get tired of the sounds the mothers make to their newborn babies. Congrats!

  20. Congratulations! Did the Commander make it home in time to witness this too? I know he was/is excited.

    Babies are such fun! Enjoy the new life and may it help usher spring to the northland quickly.

  21. GoWest - His white ears are just amazing.

    Shannon - I had no idea they communicated like that, it is so interesting to sit and listen to.

    Marchwind - He missed it but I called him right after. He has had me retell the story about 20 times so far. I so hope spring is here, I know the goats and sheep want to eat some greens instead of hay.

  22. Whoo hoo! What a cutie pie with his little frosted ears! Congrats, you'll be hooked forever now!

  23. Goodwife - I have already been hooked, this is just icing!