Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Hard Work Being a Baby

It's hard work being a baby.

If I ever meet those little pigs that are always supposed to be on their way to the market they are doomed I tell you. And what do they have to do with my toes anyhow?

When visiting my Grandma everyone fawns over how cute my "little fingers" embarrassing.

....and how do I get out of this thing? What twisted member of the Spanish Inquisition created this torture device?

Why does everyone want their picture taken with me?

And now strange animals are trying to get into the house to get me! What is that thing?

Whew, good thing Patch the house guard dog stepped in or I might just have shown the crazy bird creature a thing or two...

What kind of pony is this and how am I expected to ride it?

It's hard work being a baby but it must be even harder being a Grandma, I'll just set her down for a nap before I get back on the job!


  1. Those first three photos are priceless! I love baby fat!

  2. Michaele - I love it too, and baby smell as well - at least in the beginning.....

  3. Oh mercy! What a love!!!

  4. hey baby! sorry about the nest. i'd sure take her up and clean up the nest. if you have a helper, one picks her up (she'll be mad) the other carefully removes the eggs, gets rid of the ick+bad straw, put in good straw and the cleanest of the eggs, and put her back. then you can evaluate the dirty eggs. if they look mud covered.. chances are they arent good anyway. you can try and wipe them off but the porous nature of eggs is weird - you dont want to use water - it might make the bad bacteria permeate the eggshell and kill the egg. so you might just want to wipe them down with a dry-ish/damp paper towel. the big thing is to handle the eggs gently. if they are shaken or turned over quickly the attachment that holds the hatchling in place will break...and then you are sunk. even if you can get a few eggs under her you are ahead of the game. while you might not have a hatch she will complete her broody cycle - which we think is important. if you just take her up she might be nuts for a couple days to a week. does that help?

    sorry about the bad egg - always a disappointment.

    sending hugs!
    ps speaking of hatchlings - WHAT a beautiful baby!!!

  5. Sweet, sweet......sooooo sweet!

  6. Shonya - Thanks.

    OFG - We gave it a try, thank you for the quick answer. I don't have a lot of hope for chicks.

    Niece - I agree!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! That baby is certainly talented with all those important jobs.