Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Keets

The five new Guinea keets are growing fast, I have just started putting them outside in a grass enclosure so they can stretch their legs a bit.

They still live in the garage, but once they get a bit larger I will introduce them to the rest of the birds in the chicken coop.

Right now being outside has them all a bid frightened, this is one of the reasons I like to get them outside to see the big wide world before sending them in with the adults.

Guinea girl was attacked by something again yesterday, this time while she was out foraging. I found a bunch of her feathers by the deck but she again managed to escape. I'm surprised she was attacked so close to the house as Sara normally is there to keep an eye on things. I think this attack came from the air. She was back on her nest last night and safe this morning, I hope those eggs hatch soon - if they ever do.


  1. The world is such a dangerous place. Hope she manages to stay safe. I love that second picture of the keets! Very nice.

  2. The keets are beautiful. I was just going to do a keet post too, but I don't think my photos turned out as nice as yours! I'm sorry guinea girl was attacked! Our guinea girl is also sitting on eggs. I worry to death about her out there all night my herself.

  3. Teresa - It seems danger is everywhere, including the weather. It was 80+ degrees 2 days ago and yesterday the high was 54! I'm not sure the eggs can take much of this.

    Lynn - Your pictures are great and your story was wonderful, I'm going to have to work on being more descriptive.

  4. Those keets sure are cute, but I bet they are noisy! Do you think a large fox could be attacking her? If it's starving enough, it would go after a bird with a dog in the vicinity.

  5. Do you have magpies or crows or anything similar? I've seen one of my hens being attacked by a magpie. Do you have a rooster to watch out for them? Sorry, I haven't read everything so I don't quite know yet.

  6. Autumn - We have seen a fox and it has already tried to get her a few times, unfortunately the dogs come in at night so she is on her own at that point.

    Sophie - We do have a lot of crows around here, I never thought they would attack something as large as a guinea. I will have to keep an eye out for them. The rooster isn't loose all the time, just in the late afternoons.