Monday, July 4, 2011

No Time, No Time.....

Lots of company here visiting and a lot of work getting done. I have my first broody hen that I am sticking eggs under, she never leaves the nest.....will she starve or dehydrate?

The dark guinea girl is sitting a nest in the brush, I'm worried about her to as I heard a fox screaming last night. What a horrible sound! I had the boys go out and "mark their territory" around her nesting area, hopefully that will keep the fox away.

I have to study for Stat's today and work on a project, this is totally ridiculous, isn't this supposed to be the 4th of July weekend?

The perimeter fence is going up as the boys hack their way through the jungle, the progress is amazing. Hopefully the rams can move out to their new home by next weekend!


  1. Don't forget to take a little time to enjoy yourself! You hen will not starve. She'll probably take a quick break once a day to eat and drink. During that time, five more chickens will go lay eggs in the nest~wait that's my geese. Hope she hatches something for you!

  2. does that "marking the territory" really work?

  3. At least once a day a broody hen normally should leave the nest to eat and drink and poop. They do lose weight and dehydrate if they don't get up. Their combs get hard and brittle. I sometimes used to give them treats in treats nest box. When they got up they'd run around like a crazy hen, screaming and flapping. They'd eat and drink real quick, maybe take a few rolls in the dirt, then run back to the nest box. I would force them up if I didn't think they got up on their own at least once a day. The eggs were ok for a little bit, as long as they didn't get cold.

    I'm glad I have no broody hens anymore - glad the babies are getting big already.

    I have never had a broody guinea. Well, I thought Guinea Girl (she was our only dark female guinea) was going broody - she was sitting on her nest ALOT, then she was killed. She may have been sitting on her nest when she was killed. I'm pretty sure a fox got her in broad daylight. That's the problem with broody guineas - it's just not safe for them.

    Since we put out a small battery-operated radio near the guinea tree at night time, our guineas stopped being killed overnight. Maybe put a small radio near your guinea's nest? We tune into talk radio, so it's constant voices, weather, news, traffic reports, etc. Nothing soothing like music. It seems to keep animals away.

    Good luck with the stats project! :)

  4. hey baby! your hen will be ok. if she REALLY isnt getting up (she might be sneaking) and if its hot you might want to put a little dish of water near her. but remember they kinda go into a 'zen' state. i believe they slow down their body systems to deal with their brood.

    your guinea is a concern. can you build a little shelter around her? even if its cut hog panels? or chicken wire? all 3 of my guinea gals were snatched off their nests by a fox. they didnt say a peep! i was so mad.

    great work on your class, baby! keep on keepin' on!

  5. Teresa - I don't think I will have any time to myself until August! I have not ever seen this hen move, she has me worried.

    Michaele - I think it does, it can't hurt. I also have hung diapers from some of the trees and tossed down some hair from one of the kids haircuts.

    Lynn - I took your advice and gave both the hen and the guinea girl some treats while they were sitting. The guinea gets up and eats a few times a day but the hen just sits, she has me worried.

    OFG - I looked at setting a shelter but it just wasn't going to happen. I have settled for hanging diapers, spreading hair, and having the boys pee. The hen has immediate access to food and water but she still has me worried.