Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Home is the Range

When we got the sheep last year I had no idea how much grazing land that they would need. The areas that we had ready for them were completely eaten down by the time Winter arrived and since they weren't partitioned the sheep didn't give the green growth much of a chance to blossom this spring so the areas they were living in were kinds of spots of desert in a sea of green.

With the fences going up over the summer we were able to open up more and more area until the electric netting can now be run from the corners of the house giving the sheep and goats the run of the entire (partially fenced) property. That includes the back yard.

Here is Jeepers minus her wool, notice the lack of greenery in the vicinity of the girls barn area.

This picture is taken from the deck, the lambs are in a hard to mow area right by the house and are taking care of the grass for us.

I can't believe how much they have grown.

The only real complete grassy area is the back yard, everything else is in transition from forest. Azalea is a real cutie.

Any trees that are cut down are left in place for a few days to provide a banquet for the four legged diners.

Alma is now almost as tall as her mother Jeepers.

The goats love to munch on leaves.

Becca Boo and the rest of the goat clan simply love to climb on the fallen trunks and crash through the branches.

Here is a view from the back deck, it is just so relaxing to watch the animals graze. I never would have imagined that I would one day have sheep, goats, guineas, and chickens all cavorting happily in my back yard.


  1. I must say, I do like my yard without livestock. That's the rule. "No yard goats." You can insert whatever other livestock or poultry you want in place of goats. I do love watching them all play! The kids are just the best.

  2. It really is relaxing, isn't it?! And I love your word picture of the fallen trees as a 'banquet' chuckle

  3. What a sweet post! Your babies all look like they have a wonderful grazing area now. And, truly, is there anything better than looking out over your property and seeing your animals peacefully eating? :-)

  4. Teresa - Whenever the goats are out they must be supervised, no exceptions!

    Shonya - The way they go at it tree leaves are a banquet.

    Danni - The way they mix, guineas here, sheep there, everyone ignoring Sara, just seems right. Nice and peaceful, just how I like it (until the goats are let out of course!).