Monday, July 11, 2011

Ram Pasture

We finally moved the rams to their new home and pasture. They sure were happy to get a chance to eat all the greenery that was in their new home, hay just wasn't cutting it anymore.

The new area is a mixture of small trees, grass, and forest. I figure once they eat it down this year I will be able to plant pasture grass for next year.

I can't get this picture to position correctly but you can still get a good look at Ironwood. He didn't get a chance to breed last year so this Fall he will get his chance. He has nice horns an they are beginning to turn and curl.

Alders horns are much wider and he was able to successfully breed Kia last year giving us Avalon. It was a nice pairing so Alder will be the main man this year, woo-hoo!

The boys haven't tried to wiggle under the new fence yet, I wonder if it will hold them?

I put a rubber mat on the wooden ramp into the ram house, it should stop them from slipping when it is wet or cold out. I am so happy to have them moved into their new area, now all we have to do is paint their house and clear out the rest of the cut trees.


  1. I love the names you have for your boys. Great idea with the mat also. I am sure they will thank you.

  2. Michaele - Last winter we found that the wood ramps caused some of the sheep to slip and twist their legs. After having several limping ewes the mat solution was found. Albion is the only name I can take credit for, but I too like their names - they fit their personalities.

  3. The rams are very handsome! I'm sure they love all the grass in the new pen!!

  4. Lynn - It is mostly small trees this year but once they eat it down I will plant pasture grass for next year.