Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day in the Sun

The sun was out today and Gidget couldn't wait to get outside!

Becca Boo's little buck went outside wearing his sweater. "What is this white stuff?"

Alexander is really growing, he is up to 7 pounds from 4.5 pounds one week ago.

Chip and my mom spent some time sitting together out on the spool.

He really enjoyed sucking on her fingers and thumb, I think she enjoyed it as well.

We had a small emergency when Becca's buck decided to get wedged under the ramp leading into the goat pen. I did not think anything could fit under there, I was wrong. I ended up having to dig up under the ramp to get him out. He is definitely a goat boy, always getting into things!

He was exhausted after his misadventure and collapsed in the barn.

Alexander loves laying on the ramp, doesn't he look just like his mother?

Becca's buck was back outside after a short rest to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. He looks just like his mother as well!

After a hard day Alexander was back inside the barn and ready to eat and rest. That boy is just full of energy.


  1. They are all so cute! Love Becca's buck's coloring.

  2. They are all so cute! They do have a way of getting into small places where they can't get out!

  3. Wonderful!! Love the video-the way they just leap and leap around--sure wish I had that energy still !!!

  4. I love the videos you add to your posts - I watched this one 5 times already LOL That's too cute!!

  5. Gosh, is Alexander a week old already? That is an impressive growth rate! Mama's milk must be suiting him well. :-)
    And speaking of mama's milk...I still have never tasted ND milk, which makes me very sad because I hear it is, without question, the very best goat milk due to its high butterfat content.

    Then - of course - I need to comment on that spool. Wow. I don't think I had realized how ENORMOUS that thing is until I saw Alexander walking on the base of it. lol. Love the fact that it is SNOW FREE, though! Things are looking up (and warming up) in Minnesota! woooo!!

  6. They are so tiny and cute - my three month old ram lambs are almost as big as their mommas!

  7. RHJF - I think his colors are spectacular and I THINK his eyes may be blue!

    Teresa - I spent all day in their pen trying to block every nook and cranny, I'm sure they will find the one spot I missed and try to get stuck again.

    Rain - I love watching them "pop" around as well.

    Farmer - Thank you, they really are wonderful.

    Mandy - I hesitate sometimes to add the videos as I think they may only entertain me. Little kids exude joy, it makes me happy to just watch them.

    Danni - I have two of those spools! The taste testing is still a ways off, but you will be one of the first to know what I think of it.

    Nancy - They do grow fast, I have to disbud them this weekend - yuk!

  8. These pictures are beyond adorable!

  9. No, they definitely entertain me as well :)

  10. LuckyBunny - I just love them.

    Mandy - Looks like I will post more videos then.