Sunday, April 3, 2011

Odds and Ends

Every day when we feed the rams Killarney gets very excited. He has tried to push his head through the fence, climb the fence, and prances over to the door. If he wasn't so potentially dangerous I would think he is just charming.

I had fifty bales of hay delivered and they were initially stored in the garage. I hope this will hold us over until the plants around here begin to grow and I can let the animals out to graze on their own.

The Commander moved them through the snowy slush and mud to the lofts in the goat and sheep barns. He left 10 bales in the garage to be used for the rams. The rams new building won't be built until probably May, we have to wait for the snow melt and the ground to thaw until beginning construction.

One of the hens is laying very long and tall eggs, you can see it in the middle. Lucy, our Rhode Island Red lays the darker brown egg on the far right while an average Gold Laced Wyandotte egg is on the left.

We find one long egg every day along with Lucy's, at least the long egg layer is consistent.

A short video of Alexander, looks like he is getting his legs under him.


  1. OMG!!!! I want one of those babies!!!!

    Had to ask, when did you order those saddles? Did you order them earlier today (I had an order through MN today) or was it really the other day? If it was the other one, you would have gotten that ages ago. :(

  2. i love the speckly ones! yay - great work!

  3. Any idea what causes the long skinny eggs? They are kinda funky looking, and I bet they don't fit nicely in an egg carton.

  4. That's one weird, long egg. Does it hold two yolks? Alexander is adorable, he reminds me of my goat when he was a baby!

  5. Thank heavens the commander moved all the hay! I've had to get my loads left at the end of our mile long lane during breakup before and it sucks bringing them home! Killarney is so handsome. Too funny about the eggs, it's amazing how they are all different.

    Alexander is adorable! How would we survive this world without kids to make us smile and laugh? :)

  6. Yes, but I have a question. What do those eggs weigh? :-)

    Alexander...sigh...what a little sweet potato. Don't you just love the happy little hops and jumps they do? Combine that with the waggy-tail and I could just watch this video all day. :-)

  7. Teresa - They sure do bounce...and bounce and bounce.

    Mandy - I ordered yesterday, hope they get here soon.

    OFG - I like them all, they are yummy.

    KK - No idea why this is happening but it does not fit in the carton at all, too tall and too thin.

    Barb - You are welcome to visit any time.

    Autumn - We have not had any double yolks at all, just big yolks.

    Luckybunny - Moving the hay was a major chore but I'm sure happy it is completed. Killarney is handsome but a bit too friendly. Seems like all the storebought eggs are almost exactly the same, nice to see some diversity in nature.

    Danni - Sad to say but we don't have an egg scale. Wait till you see the video of the the two boys dancing in their new sweaters.