Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yesterday the flowers were blooming and the grass was turning green.

Today I woke to 2 inches of snow on the ground. What a disappointment.

Yesterday beautiful flowers....

This morning started sadly overcast with steady snow showers, I really needed a pick-me-up.

The arrival of two new lambs made me forget the snow outside! It appears that Jeepers delivered two lambs just before dawn because when I got out to examine them the baby ewe was still a bit wet.

The dark curly girl closest to the camera was 5.5 lbs and named Alma. The 6.5 lbs ram lamb I named Albion. I decided to name this years lambs after towns in Michigan.

Albion is so cute. I can't tell what the exact colors of the lambs are as it is dark in the barn and with the snow there is no sunshine. Albion looks to be a sandy blond and Alma is a dark chocolate.

Alma has a small white patch in the top of her head, she sat quietly in my lap while I took her temperature and gave her a good once over.

Both lambs had their umbilical cords dipped in iodine, were given a dose of vitamin paste, and had vaseline applied to the wool around their rear ends. This will prevent them from having their sticky new born poo clog them up. I got this tip from a lambing video posted over at Saltmarsh Ranch. This is a very informative video that I highly recommend.

Jeepers looks to be doing well and seems to be a good mother. I checked her nipples and they we unclogged and she had been giving the lambs milk. It may be a wet, snowy, dreary day outside but after holding the lambs I feel nice and warm inside!


  1. So wonderful! I am waiting for Minnie to lamb and can't wait! I saw the snow headed your way on the news and thought of you.

  2. look at that wool! Wow!
    Congrats on two beautiful healthy little ones :)

  3. Congratulations! They are beautiful.

  4. Sorry about "Stealing" your title, but I got their first. The little guys are real cute!Snow in the middle of April is definitely not nice! i wonder what May will bring? Hopefully, not more of the same!

  5. Warm little fresh lambs are almost worth the snow! But hope you get warmer weather soon!


  6. Nancy - The lambs are so different from the goats. I am almost in shock that Jeepers isn't panicking when I come in her stall to check on her little ones.

    Farmer - They are so soft and their curls are so tight. They are so different from what I was expecting, maybe anything would be.

    Marchwind - Thank you.

    Ian - We had snow in May last year too. I stole your post title but I had no idea I would be adding in the lambs.

    Cat - Thank you, I can't wait to see them outside.

  7. Mother nature played a trick on you with the snow after teasing you with the flowers. But then she played nice with the lambs. They are so cute.

    Pamela Jo

  8. I just LOVE their little curls. How beautiful they are! Don't worry about the snow, it will leave and beautiful growing things will still be under it. (ask me how I know).

  9. What beautiful babies! A great way to help cheer up an otherwise drab day.

  10. TJL - It can keep snowing this week if it gets the other ewe's to lamb too!

    Michaela - I saw the snow over at your place, unfortunately the forecast here for next week is calling for more snow. Everything here is ready to grow, we just need a little steady sunshine.

    Teresa - Spot on!

  11. Oh Congrats on your little lambs - they are ADORABLE!

    Sorry about the snow - such a fickle spring everyone is having this year!

  12. Oh for PETE'S sake... look at all those adorable curls! Congrats on more sweet babies, Boo-Daa Farm! More snow, eh?
    We've got sun in our forecast for the next 5 straight days, if you'd like to stop by.
    Just sayin. :-)

  13. GoWest - This has been a fickle Spring, no rain - just snow that melts! I so enjoy the little lambs, thank you.

    Danni - Be careful what you wish for, zI may hand deliver you two more wethers. They are cute, just sayin!

  14. Ah! I'm sorry about the snow :( We got it too yesterday. I'm hoping spring returns quickly. I thought WARM April showers brought May flowers, not snow/hail/cold!

    Congrats on the lambies, they are adorable!

  15. They sure are adorable!! I'm glad to hear that everything went well!! You keeping both of the lambs?

  16. Karen - I am keeping the ewe for certain, I haven't decided on the ram yet.

  17. Congrats on the babies! They are so cute :) Love the curly fleeces. Sorry you have to walk through the snow to go see them.

  18. Shannon, Thank you! I can't wait to get them outside in the sunshine. Where is Spring?