Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is what I saw this morning......Oct 1st it is too way too early in the year for the outside water to be freezing!


  1. Oh dear! no, no, no!!!!.......not ready for ice in the water buckets! It is cold here right now, but not that cold....35 for low tonight :(

  2. Wow that is cold! Already!! I think it may be a cold winter this year as last year, my gelding shed out his summer coat in September and this year, he started shedding his summer coat in AUGUST. Uh-oh!
    Lisa in Maine

  3. Michaele - My exact thoughts.

    Farmer - It is discouraging.

    Carolyn - I hope we don't have to shut down the outside water soon.

    Niece - I can expect mid 20's for the next week at night, yuck.

    Lana - I was hoping to hold off till December...Drat!

    Lisa - I was thinking my goats are very fluffy for this time of year too, I hope they are wrong.

  4. Dang, brrrr... we have heard we are going to have a wetter winter than normal here on the Oregon coast. Considering we have to swim through the mud on a normal winter, I'm scared. Hang in there and bundle up.

  5. RHJF - I think wet might be better than really cold, but I can see how mud may get old fast.