Monday, December 12, 2011

Find the Hidden.........

Nope, not the electrical cords.

Not the hanging beads.

What is it about the Christmas tree that makes the cats want to spend their days in it?

I find Christmas ornaments all over the house every morning, Mocha and Chai Chai seem to just love Christmas. I bet they have some great TAILS to tell....ha, ha, ha......or Ho, Ho, HO!


  1. May your Kitties have bright & merry days to come....and may you NOT have to pull tinsel out'a their behinds!!!

  2. ho ho oh no! for sure... we keep debating on the ol' festive holiday shrub. we arent kidding ourselves that having one will only entice the entire Insane Cat Posse to evil deed doings. and the puppy will probably pee on it. for heavens sakes.

  3. Yep! We had a kitten in the house one year with my small tree, we had to wire the tree to the table, the kitten seemed to consider it her personal jungle gym (which gave her the name Buzz the Hyperactive Wonder Kitten...)


  4. Carolyn Renee - ...and that is exactly why there is no tinsel on the Christmas tree.

    OFG - Must have a Christmas tree here, if only to see what mischief it causes.

    Cat - Jungle Gym is about right, I can hear the ornaments jingling throughout the day.

  5. It really does seem to be irresistible to cats!