Saturday, December 3, 2011


In the month of November we had three deliveries of hay; they included 72 grass bales and 50 and 65 bales of Timothy mix. So divided up in the three lofts are 187 bales.

I have 6 ewes and one ram munching hay in the main sheep area.

Since there are too many sheep to fit around the hay bowl I sneak a few piles of hay into the inside bowl for the little girls.

Five goats spend their time wasting more hay than they eat in the goat shed.

The two bachelor rams are the most efficient and they eat everything I put in their bowl, except for the hay that they decide to wear. I wonder if I have enough hay to make it to Spring?


  1. We go through 1 1/5 bales,60lbs each, a day of excellent quality second cut for 6 sheep.
    we put up 813 bales for 6 sheep and two horses.
    not sure how long you are feeding for but we feed hay all year long even with pasture.
    We make a feeder they put their head through and eat it on the outside of the pen so they cant tramp it into the floor,it works really well.

  2. I remember those days. It's always scary to think the hay might not last. I hope you have enough.

  3. Why, why, WHY do goats waste soooo much stinking hay??? I only have goats, but I find it interesting how sheep wont waste hay, but goats will. Maybe it's time to get into sheep. How well do they milk???

  4. You are so lucky to have storage! We have a very small barn that we can fit 12 bales in if we pack it carefully, but here it is December 3, and there are exactly 3 bales of hay in it! We are going to stock up over the next few weeks, but I can only imagine the price, and yes, our llamas are wasting a LOT like the goats. I figure it's all going on the garden beds in the spring.

  5. Farmer - I supplement throughout the year as well. The reason I need to get through the winter is because the snow gets so deep here that I can't get any to the barns without major difficulty once Winter sets in. I want to install feeders to reduce waste but I haven't figured out quite what to do yet.

    Teresa - It must be nice to have land of your own.....someday I hope to grow some of my own hay.

    Carolyn - I have read that Icelandic sheep are great milkers. I don't know why the goats waste so much but the Commander wants to install feeders to cut down on the hay use. I'm afraid to put them in as I can see the goats getting inside the feeders and getting hurt.

    RKB - I always worry about having enough hay and the pictures of the animals covered in it seemed to fit.

    Mary Ann - Hay is getting so expensive and it is worse in the Winter, good luck!