Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Molly Christmas

Meet Molly Christmas. She is my Christmas gift to the Commander this year.

I got her for the Commander to be a counter part to Sara. Sara is great at the difficult task of herding goats, but she is just too scared of the sheep to be much help. This is where hopefully Molly comes in, when the sheep see how ferocious she is herding them will be easy.

Molly is an Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She has one blue eye, one brown eye, and a greyish blue coat with black spots. Add in just a touch of brown on her front quarters and muzzle and you have one beautiful girl.

Right now Molly sleeps in a clothes basket. At her previous home she slept outside so she spends a lot of time panting while she is inside, I guess the house is just too hot for her.

I have just started potty training her, but since she is the Commanders gift he gets to take her out for the 2 am potty runs.....its what he wanted, really!


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'm so of my favorite dog breeds...someday I hope to have my own.

  2. cutest little face EVER! great work and welcome Molly!!! :-)

  3. I <3 Aussies :) We have a mini Aussie...named Vella (short for Velcro) and I would love to get another...they are the BEST dogs..have fun with her..she is beautiful :)

  4. She is such a cute pup and beautiful! They are a lot of work but so much fun!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh, what a darling puppy! I bet the Commander is VERY happy!

  6. Cute ... love the ferocious picture, and the picture below it is adorable, love puppy tongues and puppy kisses.

  7. Molly Christmas is just the cutest little thing ever! I love her one blue eye. My horse, Bobbi, has one like that too. Good luck with the potty training!

  8. I am IN LOVE!!! What a sweetheart! I love that breed. So, so pretty.

  9. She's a cutie. Looks like someone is have a Holly Molly Christmas. ;)

  10. Farmer - I have read a lot of good things about this breed, I just hope she has a dominate personality.

    OFG - She is a cutie, but going to be a lot smaller than the Bone Crusher.

    Stace - She has been a lot of fun so far, I hope she is a good complement to Sara the Border Collie.

    Niece - I'm sure the Commander won't mind the work and I don't mind the fun!

    Autumn - He sure is happy, we all are.

    Tombstone - I hope the sheep think she is ferocious. Not too many puppy kisses yet but I'm still hopeful.

    Kim - The eyes are one of the reasons I selected her from the litter, just beautiful.

    Christine - The blueish grey coat is amazing!

    Mike - She is a great Christmas gift and now one of the family. I already have her outside making the rounds with the animals.

  11. i showed Zander the pix and he wants to know if Molly will be his girlfriend.

  12. LOL about the 2 AM potty runs... puppies are hard work. But these adorable puppy pictures are just what I needed today - nothing cuter. She's adorable! No better gift than this one!

  13. OFG - We are waiting for a crippled chicken with a gnarled leg to limp in on a cold winter night to foretell Molly's future husband. A rustling I heard in the trees told me Zander is in the running.....

    Luckybunny - Its like having a newborn again, except that I don't have to get up this time!

  14. Oh my, Molly is adorable! Congrats on the new pup and may she have a bright future as a sheep herder :)