Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DWTS...The OFG Edition!

Tonight is the DWTS finale so all the baby goats are excited.

According to a little known Ohio tradition baby goats are supposed to be loaded up carefully inside ones brassiere....

...and transported to the house so they can watch the DWTS finale on TV with you.

The dancing order is calmly discussed.

The prettiest girl is selected to go first!

The boys join in and arrive shirtless...

...and force their way into center stage.

Carrie Ann likes it when the boys shake their booty...

...and Len likes it when the girls do the same!

Are you voting for the Classical singer?

Aren't the girls cute in their costumes?

A flashy male arrives dressed in multi-colored clothing.   Will he dance to a Country song again?

Waiting for your scores is brutal.

Can you see the tension in her face?

Who will win?

They all have their own talents and skills - a really cute bunch!  I'm really happy OFG turned me on to bringing the goats into the house for DWTS, it has made things really exciting around here!


  1. That sure sounds like OFG. The Ohio goats at Tilton Hollow prefer So You Think You Can Dance and have their own version, So You Think You Can Milk. The competition is a little lop-sided at the moment as it's a gallon a day alpine versus a mini-Mancha.

  2. *OFG stumbles into the house for 2nd breakfast (pork chops and green beans), decides to see what that crazy Chai Chai is up to now.....drops jaw, drops fork... exclaims..*


    *Nicholas and crew rush to her aid*

  3. Jeff - The Alpine may be ahead in production but the fan who don't prefer ears haven't had their votes counted yet!

    OFG - I love the 2nd breakfast reference! Me thinks that Nicholas was rushing to get at the pork chop before the rest of the posse....

  4. Yeah, goats in the house! I think I'll go bring some guineas inside... :) Maybe not!

  5. Lynn - Goats in the house normally wear diapers, guineas not so much.