Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Finally! Kids at Last!

I have been waiting for the goats to give birth since May 5th, I couldn't understand what they were waiting for. We went through 2 full moons including the "Super" full moon and still nothing. Finally, today, Becca Boo decided to deliver a little boy.

Sara was so excited. She was crying and crying to get inside to see what was going on. She loves her goats, she growled and snarled at Molly to keep her away from her new baby. It was so funny to see Sara sticking her nose inside the birthing stall so she could see the new one.

Uncle Chip was excited to watch the while birthing process.

Becca Boo's new buck has wonderful colors and a cute face!

He has his mothers colors on the back half and his father colors in front. He looks like a Dominic to me.


  1. whoohoo! And how freaking adorable! :) Congrats :) I love Dominic! I think it suits perfectly.

  2. Wow, finally! I would say that it was well worth waiting for.

  3. He looks like a cutie too me! What wonderful colors.

  4. what a cutie! worth the wait for sure!

  5. Congrats on the beautiful buckling! I HATE playing the waiting game for babies. Right now I'm waiting out hatching eggs. I forgot to write down the exact date I started them, so I'm just guessing now!

  6. Luckybunny - That name just jumped into my head, I think it fits him perfectly!

    Ian - I was a nervous wreck waiting on these girls, one down and two to go.

    Tayet - He is a wonderful blend of colors, I love the white heart on his forehead.

    OFG - I was hoping for a whole herd like you got, but I will settle for one this time.

    Carolyn - I thought I had the dates down for all three girls for sure. I can't believe that I'm not even close to the birthing dates this year.