Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Kids

I was on my way out the door Friday afternoon when I heard Addison crying - it was birthing time.

By the time I got out there she was already in labor and I didn't even have time to move her to the birthing stall.  As soon as I got the birthing pad down she gave birth right into my waiting hands.  In no time at all Addy was cleaning off her new little buck. He weighed in at 4.5 lbs.

Later that afternoon Gidget started yawning, a tell tale sign of oncoming labor. I got her into the birthing stall. A little while later I heard her cry out via the baby monitor so out I went. Gidget is a first time mother but she handled the first birth like a champ. Little Emma was born first, weighing in at a wee 2 pounds!

Dominic who was born earlier this week watched on with keen interest. I love the white heart kiss he has on his forehead.

Becca Boo loves her little buckling.

As Gidget was busy cleaning off Emma she simultaneously was giving birth to her sister Mia. Gidget was so busy with Emma that little Mia seemed to be neglected a bit as she was born. I took her out of the bag, cleaned her up a bit, and turned her over to Gidget to finish cleaning. Mia weighed in at 2.5 pounds.

You can't tell from this picture but Emma is a dark chocolate color with white spots while Mia is black and white. They are so tiny!

Addy's boy weighed as much a Gidget's two girls combined.

I took everyone outside today to get some air.

Addison's boy was bouncing everywhere in the grass.

I was surprised at how well Mia was getting around on her tiny little legs.

Mia and Emma can both fit inside a standard dog dish. I'm not sure my fencing is small enough to keep them in.

Look how much bigger Addy's boy is compared to Mia.

Mia has a distinct look to her, especially her lower jaw.

She does have cow like colors.

This is the second year in a row where Addison has given birth to a buckling that has almost the exact same colors as her. She must have strong genes.

Little, Big.

Emma is a delicious chocolate black, I never noticed this color in Gidget or Maverick.

Gidget is doing a great job taking care of twins for being a first time mother.

I like Mia's markings.

My mom stayed with us for 2 months waiting for the lambs and kids to be born.  She had to leave for a wedding this weekend so of course she missed 2 kiddings.  It was quite a busy day without her.


  1. All the kids are so cute! Congrats on the excellent deliveries! You're a pro at this birthing thing now! Good thing you were there to help out Gidget with Mia's birth. I think Mia is my favorite!

    Thanks for the morning smiles! Happy Sunday!

  2. I didn't realize that they would be so small!

  3. Lynn - I consider myself very lucky this year with only one difficult birth. The little "kids" are really little baskets of smiles!

    Ian - Gidgets two girls are the size of kittens.

  4. They are so cute! I'm glad you were there for the birth of the twins. Congratulations!

  5. Great pics! ALMOST makes me want goats. :) They. Are. So. Stinkin. CUTE! Congrats on all the new arrivals!

  6. Mary - Now I have to figure out who to keep!

    Rae = Come over to the dark side, goats are soooo cute!