Monday, May 31, 2010

Clearing Continues

This used to be a total leaf canopy, look how much sun can now get in to help grass grow.

Lots of wood to haul and cut into firewood.

Hopefully we can convert this into a pasture one day, although we will leave a few trees here and there.

Sod update; I can't believe it is growing out in the middle of the forest.


  1. That sod out in the middle of the forest made me laugh...who knew you could plant sod there and have it do so well. :-)

  2. That is exactly what we thought, but it actually is getting more sun now that some of the overhead trees are down.

  3. Cool. It's nice to see what The Commander was trying to describe to me over the phone. I think sheep and goats will help clear what's left, and seeding it will help as well. Or, as mentioned to The Commander, feeding local grass hay over the barest spots will help seed it with local grasses and provide protection for the seeds at the same time.

    Yes, that is really cute/amusing to see a roll of sod in a forest setting. But I'm sure it will do just fine and will spread quickly.

    Beautiful place that you have... and I promise to take more pictures of your sheepies once it stops raining. Just don't hold your breath!!! : D

    ~ Ronda

  4. Thanks Ronda, we have noticed some poison ivy out there and once we showed it to the goats they ate it like crazy.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of the sheep.

  5. What an awesome project! Lots of work there, but so good to have more usable land. With trees dotting the landscape, it's going to be gorgeous.


  6. Faith - We can only aspire to accomplish what you guys do, I am always amazed to read about your efforts and marvel at how hard your family works. Leaving some trees should help protect our animals from some of the many aerial predators (hopefully) and make the areas attractive to the eye.