Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grass to Hay

Fall is almost over and everyone can feel the onset of Winter in the air. The leaves have fallen and the grass is almost gone. The boys spend a lot of time lounging in the sun and love to snuggle up to the big Maple tree in the front yard.

With breeding season right around the corner I don't think the electric netting will keep the boys and girls apart for long, so they need to finish off the last of the grass while they have a chance.

The boys have been challenging each other for dominance for quite a while now, taking turns ramming each other with their horns. We lately have noticed the girls doing the same thing, I had no idea they did that.

With their bellies full the girls huddle up together in the sun, by laying together in a tight group they cut down on the chilling effect of the soon to be Winter wind. Most of the grass has been chewed down to the nubs, it won't be long till we have to transition to feeding them completely on hay.


  1. The ladies are all vying to be queen of the herd. I had two particularly dominant goats that about killed each other, as neither one would give. It went on for days. The older one tired out, but when she got her strength back, she'd sometimes win her queenship back.

    The younger one finally kept control permanently, and then I had to prove the I was the queen. She would not cooperate for me at all, until the third time I tackled her and held her down. No joke.

    After that, she would allow me to lead her around, and direct her. But not before. LOL


  2. Our girls are still mighty skiddish....the boys on the other hand are getting closer and closer... Sometimes uncomfortably close. I am waiting for the day the table turn and I have to take a stand with one of this young men- now I have to worry about the girls too!!!