Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I promise......

I promise that I will NEVER roll in sheep poo again.

But if I do you will never find me..............


  1. Oh my gosh, what a face! I just want to kiss her and hug her and squeeze her...even if she has rolled in sheep poo.
    p.s. are those giant STAPLES coming out from the bottom of your bed? some type of medieval torture device for anyone unlucky enough to hide under your bed?! Somebody tell the dog, quick!! :-) :-) lol

  2. Oh NOOO!!!! Good picture from under the bed!!

  3. Farmgirl, I actually had to go look under the bed to see what those things were lol. Mocha and Chai Chai tore all the fabric off the bottoms of the bedsprings so they could lay under the beds in a hammock like fashion. The "staples" are actually smooth supports that join the wood - so they are animal safe.

    Lynn, All the animals here hate baths and love to hide.

  4. Ha ha ha...this made me laugh! I don't know, staples *that* big would be kinda cool, don't you think? lol (I always knew your animals were totally safe!!) :-)

  5. I thought for sure you would post some thing like "Made you look!"

  6. You have older siblings, don't you?
    (ha, ha) :-)