Saturday, October 23, 2010


Why are these guineas on top of the coop instead of in it? We normally leave the gate to the coop open on weekends so the chickens and guineas should be free to come and go to free range as they please.

Invasion! The sheep have taken over the chicken coop!

I have no idea why the sheep would want to go into the chicken coop because there is nothing for them to eat in there. I think the chickens and guineas are in shock.

Maybe the sheep just wanted to show the fowl just who was boss. They proudly sauntered out to a hideous chorus of screaming guineas, like some kind of horrible musically challenged parade.


  1. Lol, I can hear the guinea chorus now!!! Silly sheep, you can see the smirks on their faces as they leave!

  2. Aren't farm animals fun? I think the sheep were curious! :)


  3. Lynn, Anyone who has had guineas can imagine the racket that was going on.

    Mary, I never know or could even imagine some of the things that happen around here. It really is fun and brings us joy.

  4. They probably had great hopes that there would be something delicious in there...
    I can practically hear the guinea-screeching that ensued! lol
    Your sheep are so beautiful.

  5. Deciding to check out the digs and see if they met with their approval. Probably bored and wanting to stir up trouble; you know those adolescents.

    I bet that was noisy!


  6. Farmgirl and Faith- it was loud!!!!!

  7. The cows are always trying to break into mine. They've done some major damage.