Sunday, October 24, 2010


Every evening when dusk begins to settle in I go outside to feed the animals and tuck them in for the night. Yesterday when I went outside all the animals seemed to go bonkers. As I opened the door I could hear the goats screaming.

The guineas and chickens were lined up along the electric netting like they were seated to watch a horse race.

The sheep were sprinting from one end of the fence twenty to thirty yards to their barn and back again. They did this at least three or four times, I thought that maybe they had lost their minds.

Sara started barking and the chickens and guineas (mostly the guineas) were creating such a racket that I had to yell to the Commander to be heard.

Screaming goats, cackling guineas, clucking chickens, barking dogs, and rampaging sheep, I never would have imagined that my back yard would ever be like this.


  1. Hi. I found you by following links. Great photos! Your chickens are gorgeous. What breed are they?

  2. Some sort of predator was out there. Good job, Guineas!


  3. Leigh, Thanks for stopping by. The chickens are Golden Wyandottes.

    Faith, That is what we thought originally but we later put it down to playfulness due to hormones. It will be breeding time in the next two weeks.

  4. I hope you can take video and post some of those loud and crazy moments!