Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Winter is here, and it arrived unexpectedly. It was only supposed to rain!

Instead we got a heavy slushy snow that crushed everything. Power was out all over NE Minnesota.

Our poor apple trees, I hope they can survive. Notice the electric netting covered in snow. We had to collect it and wrap it for storage in the garage - nice.

The netting over the coop froze over and collapsed. The guineas can now fly out (which may be a good thing) and explore on their own. Ultimately they were disappointed as without Leopold to lead them they seemed lost - back to the coop they went to join him. I hope that with the netting gone the owls don't eat my beautiful chickens before they get a chance to lay.

Trees and branches were broken all over the property. I had to walk the fence line to remove debris so that the sheep didn't escape. Anyone who owns goats knows what they did, they stayed inside their barn all day to avoid getting their precious feet wet.

For some reason I woke up at midnight and looked out to see how they boys were doing in their pop-up tent. It was totally popped-down, covered in slush and snow. I woke the Commander and out we went, the poor boys were still huddled inside their crushed shelter. We brushed off the snow and back it popped-up. The Commander had to repeat the process at 0530 this morning.

As OhioFarmGirl says we spent the afternoon "hillbillying-up" a solution for the boys, pictures will be up soon.


  1. *gasp* Are you KIDDING me? Snow already? Brrrr... you poor guys! Somehow I just wasn't ready for all those WHITE photos...dang.
    Hang in there...

  2. Wow, now this sure looks like a lot of work! All from one snow fall... I hope your chickens are ok. We had a hawk swoop down this afternoon while the chickens were out grazing. Needless to say, they weren't too happy.


  3. Farmgirl, My thoughts exactly.

    Mary, Hopefully the hawk didn't get anyone.