Friday, April 1, 2011

Becca Boo Gives Us a Buck Too!

I heard Becca Boo going into labor on the baby monitor and rushed right out to see if she needed help. She found a comfortable spot and began the birthing process, it only took her three hard pushes.

Chip and Gidget climbed up on the igloo so they could get a good look.

When Sara heard Becca Boo crying out she came to the door and started whimpering. I couldn't let her in as Addison was taking care of little Alex in that area so Sara just had to settle with peeking in over the door.

Becca Boos little buck popped right out, he was no problem at all.

Becca seemed in shock at first but her little boy popped right up. Unlike Addison, Becca didn't start to clean her buck up immediately, she was a little standoffish. That didn't stop the little boy, he wobbled up to Becca and began to lick her!

Addison took immediate interest in Becca's buck, she started "talking" to him and calling out. I am sure that if I had handed him to her she would have taken him as her own! I finally had to dry him off myself and wrapped him in warm towels to get his temperature up. After a short time Becca finally began to clean him a bit and he was finally able to nurse.

With Becca crying, Chip and Gidget screaming, Addison talking, and Sara whimpering the sheep decided to come over to the goat barn to see what was going on. I took this picture of them through the goat house window.

Becca warming up her little buck.

It took her a bit, but Becca loves and snuggles her little boy.

Below is a short video of Becca and her young buck.


  1. Congratulations! Both babies are beautiful. We should have our first kid this weekend...I hope:)

  2. Oh my gosh, what a great looking baby buck. I just love how all the farm animals are looking in to see the new baby. Like Charlotte’s Web!! :)

  3. Glad everything worked out well and you got to be there!
    Congratulations on another successful birth!

  4. Great pictures and video, just adorable. Big congratulations! He's so cute! Loved the pics of everyone wanting to see what was happening!

  5. Glad Momma finally "got it"! We also have a doe that would steal every single kid if she had the opportunity to. Which is a good thing if a doe ever rejects her own.

    He's a cutie!

  6. That little wagging tail makes me laugh. Thanks for that. It is good to see Becca warmed up to her Buck.

  7. Oh Chai Chai-this video is so precious! What an adorable little guy-love him!~~Just want to hug him up! And Sara peaking her head over the door is adorable-you can feel her compassion!

  8. Congrats! What a cute boy he is. What 'cha gonna name him?

  9. Goatgirl - I can't wait to see your goats, they are always just stunningly beautiful.

    Verde - You hit it perfectly with the Charlotte's Web comment, every just had to see!

    Farmer - The Commander and the rest of the barnyard got to see as well, my mother and daughter arrived about 1 minute after the birth - it was very exciting.

    Luckybunny - I hope to have better pictures tomorrow with some sunshine. Both Becca's and Addison's buck look almost identical to their mothers, it is amazing.

    Carolyn - I was very tempted to hand him over to Addison but I just had to give Becca a chance and I'm so happy I did. I have no doubt that Addison would have taken him. She talked and talked to him for over an hour after he was born.

    TJL - Dogs and goats can make people happy just by wagging their tails, I believe it is one of God's gifts to people.

    Rain - Sara loves her goats! It was heartbreaking listening to her cry trying to get in. She was so happy later when she got a chance to meet the new guy and to make sure Becca was OK.

    RHJF - I'm not sure of a name yet, this may take a bit of time to decide or stumble upon.

  10. Goodness gracious, he's a cutie!

  11. So, so cute and sweet!

  12. This is again the most beautiful thing. Amazing to see life like this. Babies are precious, no matter what type of baby it is! It is pretty neat that both sons look very much like their mamas.

    I'm happy that Becca finally took to her baby boy. Sometimes it's a new and scary thing! This is her first baby, right? I'm sure Becca will learn from Addison. Is Becca talking to her kid now like Addison?

    Congrats on yet another perfect birth at the farm! I love how all the others were worried and watched on! Good luck choosing the perfect name!

  13. Autumn/Niece - Thank you.

    Lynn - It is amazing how much they look like their mothers. This is after I explained to the kids how the color patterns of the babies was totally random.....

    Becca is doing a lot better with her buck, she talks to him but just not as much as Addison.

    The births were miracles, I was just in awe as they both ended up taking their first breaths in my arms. I feel so blessed!

  14. looking good! and i love the pics from your other critters looking!


  15. Hurray! And congratulations on another healthy, successful birth! I'm glad that Becca worked out her hesitancy and accepted her baby - and I'm really glad that you gave her a chance to do this! :-)
    You've got a way with goats, girl! ((hug))

  16. Leontien - I just thought it was amazing that all the other animals were so interested.

    Danni - I'm happy I gave her a second chance as well, it would have been sad for her to go through the whole process and not end up with her baby. Do you need another friend for Pete and Reggie?

  17. So very precious! Love his markings and that it was such an easy birth for everyone. Time to celebrate!

  18. Michaele - The celebration will be short lived as I have to get on to the disbudding, not looking forward to that one bit.