Monday, August 15, 2011

Artist Rendition

A drawing by my daughter who visited for a few days. From the looks of the drawing she figured out what things are like around here. Click on the picture to get it on its own page and then click again to enlarge.


  1. What an amazing drawing! I'm sure that's one you'll always cherish.

  2. Teresa - The Commander and I both love the picture, in two frames it captured on week of "crazy" that occured around here.

    Michaela - I loved the picture, I hope to get her to send me some more for the blog!

  3. Ah ha ha! Not only is this a completely accurate depiction of life on your farm, this is beautiful artwork. How did she do this? It's not colored pencil or water color, it looks so smooth. Love Sarah's tongue in the top frame!
    I think she should do consignments for your fellow farm friends of their beloved critters... :-)

  4. This comic is awesome!!! The drawing itself is great! And its a comic strip! You know, one of my coworkers once entered a comic strip competition. They submitted their comics online, one a week, for like 8 weeks or something. This comic is much much better than many of them! There's a webpage where people can enter the competition. I don't know if its going on now still, but your daughter should look into it! I'm heading to NYC right now on a train, will be back in Wash DC later this week. I'll forward you the link to the webpage when I return. I have it bookmarked on my work computer, I believe. Tell her to keep up the great work!!!

  5. jj - I totally agree!

    Danni - I hope to get her to contribute on a regular basis.

    Lynn - The Commander told her that a comic stip would be a great idea. I think a strip about what goes on around here from Sara's POV would be great.

  6. Your daughter is very talented. I love the way she draws.
    I agree with the commander a comic strip from Sara's POV would be great. Put it is book form and sell it on your blog as well. I would put it up on mine for sale too.

    Pamela Jo

  7. TJL - I agree, I think creating a book day by day would be a great start! Thanks for the hosting offer, I may take you up on it.