Thursday, August 18, 2011


The fox must have come back last night because all four of the keets are gone. Mama and daddy Guinea spent all day looking for their babies, it was very sad to watch. Several times during the day daddy Guinea would just stop what he was doing and lay flat in the grass, he seemed so depressed.

No matter how well the Guineas defended their young during the day they couldn't overcome their night blindness and lack of tree nesting. At least mother hen has her 9 keets in the sheep pen, but I hope mama and daddy Guinea don't die from broken hearts.


  1. So sorry to hear this. Those birds really do get depressed. I've had traumatized geese trying to find anything to hatch after they've had their eggs stolen by raccoons. Hope they recover.

  2. Oh poor guineas... So sorry!

  3. Nooooooo!!!!! DANGIT all - I was so hoping...
    I'm sorry, S. So, so sorry. This really sucks.

  4. oh no! sorry baby... a sad situation indeed. they might be confused for a few days..hopefully they will be back to normal soon. keep everyone locked up tight - once those foxes know where the good eats are they'll keep coming back. you might be able to find a hunter who will come in and do the deed. they have calls that will being those foxes running.

  5. Carolyn - Thank you.

    Teresa - They continue to look for the keets, it is very sad.

    ADoC - Thanks, they need to get over it soon and seek better shelter at night or they will be next.

    Danni - It sure does.

    Hazel - Its not that I hate the fox, I just want it to live somewhere else.

    OFG - The problem is that we are starting to get a lot of bunnies and chipmunks feeding on stray foodstuff, predeters are going to be headed our way. I think I need an outdoor cat.

  6. I'm am so very sorry. it is so sad. Poor guineas. Can you, would you want to, get some baby keets at the farm store and give them to your adult guineas? I felt awful when our adult guinea flock was killed one a night, every night. Mother nature can me cruel. At least you have the adult guineas still, at least they survived the attack. I often wonder if our guineas are able to survive on our farm, with all the predators waiting in the woods. We already lost one of the teenage babies this week...

  7. Lynn, We may have to get guard Llama's for our Guineas. I couldn't get Guineas from the farm store if I wanted to, they have been sold out all year and now it is too late in the season. If I did give the some different keets they would probably get eaten as well..